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H2 O-Etchant-Promoted Synthesis of High-Quality Graphene on Glass and Its Application in See-Through Thermochromic Displays.

Xie, Huanhuan; Cui, Kejian; Cui, Lingzhi; Liu, Bingzhi; Yu, Yue; Tan, Congwei; Zhang, Yingying; Zhang, Yanfeng; Liu, Zhongfan.
Small; 16(4): e1905485, 2020 Jan.
Article in En | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31894647
Direct growth of graphene on glass can bring an innovative revolution by coupling the complementary properties of traditional glass and modern graphene (such as transparency and conductivity), offering brand new daily-life related applications. However, preparation of high-quality graphene on nonmetallic glass is still challenging. Herein, the direct route of low sheet resistance graphene on glass is reported by using in situ-introduced water as a mild etchant and methane as a carbon precursor via chemical vapor deposition. The derived graphene features with large domain sizes and few amorphous carbon impurities. Intriguingly, the sheet resistance of graphene on glass is dramatically lowered down to ≈1170 Ω sq-1 at the optical transmittance ≈93%, ≈20% of that derived without the water etchant. Based on the highly conductive and optical transparent graphene on glass, a see-through thermochromic display is thus fabricated with transparent graphene glass as a heater. This work can motivate further investigations of the direct synthesis of high-quality graphene on functional glass and its versatile applications in transparent electronic devices or displays.