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A febre amarela permanece uma ameaça potencial à saúde pública/Yellow Fever Remains a Potential Threat to Public Health

Vasconcelos, Pedro F. C; Monath, Thomas P.
Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis ; 16(8): 566-567, 2016.
Artículo en Inglés | IEC | ID: iec-15742
Yellow fever (YF) remains a serious public health threat in endemic countries. The recent re-emergence in Africa, initiating in Angola and spreading to Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, with imported cases in China and Kenya is of concern. There is such a shortage of YF vaccine in the world that the World Health Organization has proposed the use of reduced doses (1/5) during emergencies. In this short communication, we discuss these and other problems including the risk of spread of YF to areas free of YF for decades or never before affected by this arbovirus disease (AU)
Biblioteca responsable: BR275.1
Ubicación: PCIEC2016 / BR275.1