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Nanoscale ; 16(6): 2974-2982, 2024 Feb 08.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-38258372


Wearable bioelectronic devices, which circumvent issues related to the large size and high cost of clinical equipment, have emerged as powerful tools for the auxiliary diagnosis and long-term monitoring of chronic psychiatric diseases. Current devices often integrate multiple intricate and expensive devices to ensure accurate diagnosis. However, their high cost and complexity hinder widespread clinical application and long-term user compliance. Herein, we developed an ultralow-cost poly(vinylidene fluoride)/zinc oxide nanofiber film-based piezoelectric sensor in a thermal compression bonding process. Our piezoelectric sensor exhibits remarkable sensitivity (13.4 mV N-1), rapid response (8 ms), and exceptional stability over 2000 compression/release cycles, all at a negligibly low fabrication cost. We demonstrate that pulse wave, blink, and speech signals can be acquired by the sensor, proposing a single biomechanical modality to monitor multiple physiological traits associated with bipolar disorder. This ultralow-cost and mass-producible piezoelectric sensor paves the way for extensive long-term monitoring and immediate feedback for bipolar disorder management.

Transtornos Mentais , Nanofibras , Dispositivos Eletrônicos Vestíveis , Humanos , Pressão
Opt Lett ; 43(10): 2388-2391, 2018 May 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29762599


Optical coherence elastography (OCE) is an emerging imaging modality for the assessment of mechanical properties in soft tissues. Transverse shear wave measurements using OCE can quantify the elastic moduli perpendicular to the force direction, however, missing the elastic information along the force direction. In this study, we developed coaxial excitation longitudinal shear wave measurements for quantification of elastic moduli along the force direction using M-scans. Incorporating Rayleigh wave measurements using non-coaxial lateral scans into longitudinal shear wave measurements, directionally dependent elastic properties can be quantified along the force direction and perpendicular to the force direction. Therefore, the reported system has the capability to image elasticity of anisotropic biological tissues.

Módulo de Elasticidade , Técnicas de Imagem por Elasticidade/métodos , Tomografia de Coerência Óptica/métodos , Imageamento Tridimensional , Fenômenos Mecânicos , Imagens de Fantasmas