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Homeless experiences and support needs of transgender people: A systematic review of the international evidence.

McCann, Edward; Brown, Michael J.
J Nurs Manag ; 2020 Sep 25.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32978830


To examine the experiences and support needs of homeless transgender people by synthesizing the existing evidence.


Transgender people face many challenges in society in terms of people's knowledge, understanding and acceptance of a person's gender identity. Evidence regarding the homelessness experiences and available supports to transgender people remains sparse.


A systematic review was undertaken and included qualitative and quantitative studies. A total of twelve papers were included in the review, utilizing the PRISMA method. Methodological quality was evaluated using the Mixed Methods Assessment Tool (MMAT).


Following analysis, the themes that emerged were (a) pathways into homelessness, (b) experiences whilst homeless and (c) routes out of homelessness.


It has become increasingly clear that the distinct needs of this group are complex and multifaceted. In order to adequately address the issues and concerns comprehensively, coordinated and effective collaborations need to be in place. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING MANAGEMENT Clinical nurses need to recognize and respond to the distinct needs of trans homeless people. Nurse managers need to provide leadership to promote the needs of homeless trans people and ensure that policies and procedures are in place that are responsive to issues and concerns.