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Heart transplantation in pediatric and congenital heart disease: a single-center experience.

Rungan, Santuri; Finucane, Kirsten; Gentles, Tom; Gibbs, Helen C; Hu, Rong; Ruygrok, Peter N.
World J Pediatr Congenit Heart Surg ; 5(2): 200-5, 2014 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24668964


To describe the indications and outcomes for pediatric patients and patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) undergoing heart transplantation (HT) in New Zealand.


A retrospective audit of 253 patients who underwent HT from 1987 to end 2012 was undertaken. Thirty-seven patients were subdivided into two groups, those aged <18 years--pediatric heart disease (PHD) and those with CHD. Six patients aged <18 years were included in both the analyses. Demographic and clinical information were collected and outcomes established.


Overall actuarial survival of 37 patients with PHD or CHD was 92% at one year, 85% at five years, and 52% at ten years. The PHD group comprised 22 (8.7%) patients, median age 14 years (range 6-17), 14 (64%) male, with cardiomyopathy in 13, CHD in 6, and rheumatic heart disease in 3. At follow-up, 11 patients had died. Actuarial survival was 91% at one year and 79% at five years. Of the four patients with a mechanical assist device to bridge, three were transplanted and alive at follow-up. The CHD group comprised 21 (8.3%) patients, median age 25 years (range 6-48) and 19 (90%) were male. At follow-up, three patients had died. Actuarial survival was 95% at one year, 94% at five years, and 85% at ten years. All five patients with pre-HT Fontan circulation were alive a median of eight years following HT.


Heart transplantation for carefully selected pediatric patients and patients with CHD can be successfully performed with favorable outcomes in a geographically isolated unit.