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IL-28B Genetic Variants Determine the Extent of Monocyte-Induced Activation of NK Cells in Hepatitis C.

Krämer, Benjamin; Finnemann, Claudia; Sastre, Beatriz; Lutz, Philipp; Glässner, Andreas; Wolter, Franziska; Goeser, Felix; Kokordelis, Pavlos; Kaczmarek, Dominik; Nischalke, Hans-Dieter; Strassburg, Christian P; Spengler, Ulrich; Nattermann, Jacob.
PLoS One ; 11(9): e0162068, 2016.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27583440


Immuno-genetic studies suggest a functional link between NK cells and λ-IFNs. We recently showed that NK cells are negative for the IFN-λ receptor IFN-λR1 and do not respond to IFN-λ, suggesting a rather indirect association between IL-28B genotype and NK cell activity.


A total of 75 HCV(+) patients and 67 healthy controls were enrolled into this study. IL-28B (rs12979860) and IFNL-4 (rs368234815) genotypes were determined by rtPCR. Total PBMC, monocytes, and NK cells were stimulated with IL-29, the TLR-7/8 agonist R848, or a combination of both. NK cell IFN-γ response was analysed by FACS. IL-12 and IL-18 secretion of monocytes was studied by ELISA. In blocking experiments anti-IL-12/anti-IL-18 were used.


Following stimulation of total PBMCs with R848 we found NK cell IFN- γ responses to vary with the IL-28B genotype, with carriers of a T/T genotype displaying the lowest frequency of IFN-γ(+)NK cells. When isolated NK cells were studied no such associations were observed, indicating an indirect association between IL-28B genotype and NK cell activity. Accordingly, we found R848-stimulated monocytes of patients with a T/T genotype to be significantly less effective in triggering NK cell IFN- γ production than monocytes from carriers of a non-T/T genotype. In line with these findings we observed monocytes from T/T patients to secrete significantly lower concentrations of IL-12 than monocytes from non-T/T individuals.


Our data indicate that monocytes from carriers of an IL-28B T/T genotype display a reduced ability to stimulate NK cell activity and, thus, provide a link between IL-28B genotype and NK functions.