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Developing and testing a nursing home end -of -life care chart audit tool.

Thompson, Genevieve N; McClement, Susan E; Labun, Nina; Klaasen, Kathleen.
BMC Palliat Care ; 17(1): 49, 2018 Mar 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29544471


Nursing home (NH) administrators need tools to measure the effectiveness of care delivered at the end of life so that they have objective data on which to evaluate current practices, and identify areas of resident care in need of improvement.


A three-phase mixed methods study was used to develop and test an empirically derived chart audit tool aimed at assessing the care delivered along the entire dying trajectory.


The Auditing Care at the End of Life (ACE) instrument contains 27 questions captured across 6 domains, which are indicative of quality end-of-life care for nursing home residents.


By developing a brief chart audit tool that captures best practices derived from expert consensus and the research literature, NH facilities will be equipped with one means for monitoring and assessing the care delivered to dying residents.