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Policy brief on improving access to artemisinin-based combination therapies for malaria control in Mozambique

Autor(es): Mbofana, Francisco; Machatine, Gertrudes; Moreira, Celeste
[ ID: 42 ] Idioma: Inglês
Malaria is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Mozambique. Approximately 6 million cases are reported each year. Malaria accounts for approximately 40 percent of all outpatient visits and 60 percent of pediatric hospital admissions. It is the leading cause of death among children admitted to pediatric services. Three policy options that could improve access to ACTs are (i) using APEs for scaling up the presumptive treatment of uncomplicated malaria with ACTs, (ii) introducing ACTs in the private sector and enforcing adherence to regulations, and (iii) providing incentives to prescribers for a time-limited period.