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Academic Engagement in Preservice Teachers: Motivational Variables for a Chilean sample / Compromiso académico en futuros profesores: variables motivacionales en una muestra chilena

Valenzuela, Jorge; Muñoz, Carla; Frenay, Mariane; Devos, Christelle; Marfull-Jensen, Marisol; Precht, Andrea; Silva-Peña, Ilich; Oliva, María Angélica.
Rev. latinoam. psicol; 51(3): 181-190, sep.-dic. 2019. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS, COLNAL | ID: biblio-1094045
Abstract This quantitative study examines how pre-service teachers' personal motivations are related to engagement. Subjects were pre-service teachers (n=764) enrolled in nine Chilean universities. Multiple linear regression analysis and path analysis were conducted. Controlling for demographic and academic variables, we show a motivational variables model that significantly predicts engagement. Results indicate strong, positive relationships between engagement and expectancy/value components of motivation for professional training, task value of motivation for academic reading, and intellectual curiosity. Although weaker predictors of engagement, motivation to become a teacher and motivation to teach were still statistically significant and mediated other variables. Overall, the model shows good fit. The results of the present study call for, at least within the Chilean context, the careful consideration that "motivation to become a teacher" or "motivation to teach" may not be enough to explain the teacher training engagement.
Biblioteca responsável: CO621.1