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Journal of Forensic Medicine ; (6): 58-61,67, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-606776


Individual identification by m easuring the hum an skeleton is an im portant research in the field of forensic anthropology. C om puted tom ography (C T ) technology can provide high-resolution im age of skeleton. Skeleton im age can be reform ed by softw are in the post-processing w orkstation. D ifferent skele-ton m easurem ent indexes of anthropology, such as diam eter, angle, area and volum e, can be m easured on section and reform ative im ages. M easurem ent process is barely affected by hum an factors. T his paper review s the literatures at hom e and abroad about the application of m easuring skeleton by C T in foren-sic anthropology research for individual identification in four aspects, including sex determ ination, height infer, facial soft tissue thickness m easurem ent and age estim ation. T he m ajor technology and the applica-tion of C T in forensic anthropology research are com pared and discussed, respectively.

Chinese Journal of Forensic Medicine ; (6): 341-344,349, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-666514


Objective The chief aim of the present work is to investigate features of sternum of Chinese adults and to establish the sex determination method to evaluate its effect based on 3D recombinant morphology indicators. Methods Based on chest spiral CT scans, 2D images of multi-level recombination and 3D model of volume rendering, the experiment concludes an sex determination equation from 8 measurement indicators of the sternum and 3 ratio indicators. The 8 measurement indicators include full-length, handle length, body length, maximum width of the handle, maximum width of the body, maximum thickness of the handle, maximum thickness of the body, and thickness of the upper body. Results According to the 11 indicators of sex differences in statistics (P<0.05), especially indicators of the full-length, body length, maximum width of the handle and maximum thickness of the body, the body's sex is easier to be determined. All indicators equations, length indicators discriminant equations and stepwise discriminant equations have higher reliable rate (88.6%) which was consistent with the recent foreign research reports. Conclusion The method of sex determination based on multislice spiral CT 3D recombinant techniques is practicable and has an relatively high accuracy. It is expected to be applied to researches in age estimation by sternum and other virtual bones.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-508744


Objective This article aim to optimize facial characteristic indexes and to establish the standard of classiifcation by studying positive photos of Chinese Han nationality adults, and to investigate the personal identiifca-tion power ifnally. Methods Firstly, we determined the 27 facial characteristic indexes and standard of classiifcation. Secondly, we observed 254 positive photos of Chinese Han nationality adults. Finally, indexes and standard of classi-ifcation are evaluated through statistically analysising of observation data results and calculating personal identiifcation capability. Results Thirteen indexes gender differences are signiifcant. All 27 facial characteristic indexes are calculated. Male TDP(total discrimination power)=0.999 999 909 08, female TDP=0.999 999 919 82, overall TDP=0.999 999 868. Conclusion The more facial characteristic indexes and the more classiifcation and the higher degree of classiifcation, the higher personal identiifcation ability can be acquired.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-498329


Objective This article aims to investigate the effect of gender determination for measuring the 12th Thoracic Vertebra by using computed tomography (CT) and explore the feasibility for the research of human skeleton measuring by CT technique in the ifeld of forensic anthropology.Methods After ascertaining 11 radial line indicators,we measured Multi-planner Reformation (MPR)image of the 12th Thoracic Vertebra. Four ratio indicators were calculated after eliminating measurement uncertainty of results. We inspected the effect of gender determination for measuring the 12th Thoracic Vertebra by using computed tomography (CT) on account of statistical measurement data.Results Gender determination of 12 indicators is remarkable after eliminating 3 unstable indicators. Sevene quations were established. The equation established by centrum indicators predicted sex up to 91.6% accuracy.Conclusion The morphometry indicators of 12th Thoracic Vertebra have gender difference. CT technology can accurately measure skeleton and is valuale for study of human skeleton measuring research in the ifeld of forensic anthropology.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-493844


[ABSTRACT]OBJECTIVEThe influnence of observation on the antisense cytokeratin 13 (CK13) gene in nasopharyngeal carcinoma HNE1 cell transplantation tumor radiation sensitivity.METHODSHNE1 cell lines can be divided into control group: the control group (HNE1 cell) and lentivirus (transfection slow virus empty carrier) group and experimental group: HNE1-anti-CK13a (transfection antisense CK13a slow virus) and HNE1-anti-CK13b (transfection antisense slow virus CK13b) four groups, set up a corresponding animal model, after radiotherapy by flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, PCR, Tunel method and Westernblotting detection.RESULTSThe cell cyclede tection of plasmid transfection slow virus group compared with control group after radiotherapy G2/M phase of the block were significantly prolonged; Immunohistochemical results showed emigration tumor CK13 expression decreased in the experimental group; Tunel method to detect apoptosis necrosis rate found that the experimental group,apoptosis rate significantly decreased; Western blotting detection caspase3 apoptosis markers. PCR to detect CDC25mRNA level decreased obviously.CONCLUSIONAntisense CK13 gene by regulating the cell cycle and apoptosis can reduce HNE1 transplantation tumor radiotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) sensitivity, and with the caspase 3 apoptotic pathways and CDC25 signaling pathways.