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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-263072


<p><b>OBJECTIVE</b>To study the effect of water stress on the content of scutellarin and caffeate in Erigeron breviscaps.</p><p><b>METHOD</b>Fv/Fm, N content, as well as the content of scutellarin and caffeate under three water grads were measured.</p><p><b>RESULT AND CONCLUSION</b>Fv/Fm of the plant decreased significantly in 8% and 23% water treatment, that proved drought and waterlogging occurred. Under the two conditions, the contents of N were lower but the contents of active constituents were higher than those under 15% treatment. The results support the carbon-nutrient balance hypothesis and the "stress effect hypothesis" for the formation of geo-herbs.</p>

Apigenin , Metabolism , Therapeutic Uses , Caffeine , Pharmacology , Dehydration , Drug Therapy , Therapeutics , Droughts , Erigeron , Chemistry , Metabolism , Gene Expression Regulation, Plant , Glucuronates , Metabolism , Therapeutic Uses , Plant Preparations , Therapeutic Uses , Plant Transpiration , Plants, Medicinal , Chemistry , Temperature , Water , Physiology
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-580379


Objective To study the effects of N,P,and K fertilizers on the growth and accumulation of secondary metabolites,to reveal the accumulation relationship between the biomass and the secondary metabolites in medicinal plants in the plantation,and to establish the basic theory of fertilization in medicinal plant culture.Methods Orthogonal design was used to study the effects of nine combinations of N,P, and K on the biomass and active constituents in three levels of three factors.While plants flowered,they were harvested,weighed,and smashed.Then contents of N,total caffee esters,and scutellarin were anaylzed.Results High amount of N,P,and K fertilizers was optimum to the accumulation of biomass, but low amount of N,P,and K fertilizers was optimum to the accumulation of total caffee esters and scutellarin.The N fertilizer significantly increased the biomass and decreased the content of total caffee esters and scutellarin in Erigeron breviscapus,but did not affect the active constituents yield.The effect of P on the accumulation of active constituents was higher than that of K,but its effect on the biomass accumulation was lower than that of K.The effect of K on the active constituents yield was the highest.Conclusion N,P,and K fertilizers could increase biomass and active constituents yield,nevertheless,decrease the contents of flavonoids in medicinal plants.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-575610


Objective To study the effect of light intensity and light quality on the growth and total flavonoid accumulation of Erigeron breviscapus. Methods Young plants of E. breviscapus were planted under various color films and light intensities, their biomass and total flavonoid content were determined when plants flowered. Results The biomass and total flavonoid content of individuals under 100% and 80% sunshine were higher than those under 50% sunshine. The biomasses of plants under yellow, red, purple, or blue film were lower than those under white film. Under the blue film, the total flavonoid content of the plant was the highest; while under white film, the total flavonoid yield was the highest. Conclusion Light intensity and light quality significantly affect the growth and total flavonoid accummulation of E. breviscapus. The biomass and total flavonoid yield are the highest when under full sunshine.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-570183


Object To study the regular change of total flavonoids in Erigeron breviscapus (Vant.) Hand-Mazz (TFE) in different parts of the plant, different individual plant and population from different habitat. Methods Samples of E. breviscapus from eight districts around Qiubei, Kunming and at altitude on Cangshan mountain, Dali were collected and their flavonoids determined.Results TFE showed different values in samples from different origin, with the tendency to show an increase with increase of altitude. The aerial parts including stem, leaf, and flower were higher than that of the underground root.E. breviscapus grown in the same ecological conditions also showed different TFE values from individual to individual.Conclusion Variation in TFE was influenced by the combined effects of genotype and ecological conditions.