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Article in English | WPRIM | ID: wpr-913202


Objectives: This study examined the effects of the interaction between exercise and sleep on frailty severity in community-dwelling older adults.Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study. Data were collected in July 2019. In total, 2021 adults participated who responded to a questionnaire. Among them, 672 participants (317 men and 355 women) with valid responses were included in the analysis. Ordinal logistic regression analysis was performed to examine the association between frailty severity and the interaction between exercise and sleep. The dependent variable represents three different levels of frailty. The independent variables included basic information and interaction between exercise and sleep.Results: The results of ordinal logistic regression analysis (odds ratio [OR]) showed that the period from the start of exercise (OR=0.96), age (OR=1.00 for participants in their 60 s, OR=1.65 for those in their 70s, and OR=3.13 for those aged >80 years), poor subjective health perception (OR=2.12), poor quality of sleep (OR=1.88), stress (OR=1.62), and exercise–sleep interaction (OR=1.00 based on good-exercise–good-sleep interaction, OR=3.09 poor-exercise–good-sleep interaction, and OR=3.50 poor-exercise–poor-sleep interaction) significantly contributed to the model. The Nagelkerke coefficient of determination adjusted for degrees-of-freedom (R2), which represents the contribution rate of the regression equation, was 0.334.Conclusions: Our results suggest that a combination of good exercise and good sleep is needed to prevent frailty progression in community-dwelling older adults.

Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-362853


[Objective]To analyze the situation of clinics that want to employ acupuncturists and masseurs and to obtain basic data to find employment in the clinic in the future.<BR>[Methods]The subjects were 52 clinics that responded to the questionnaire survey saying they wanted to employ acupuncture and massage therapists. They were divided into three groups according to the license (acupuncture group (n = 5), acupuncture &massage group (n = 25), massage group (n = 22)). The situation and the business realities of the clinic were analyzed. <BR>[Results]Clinics with obstetrics and gynecology want to employ only acupuncturists. There were as many employment needs for both acupuncturists and masseurs in clinics with orthopedics and rehabilitation. The employment satisfaction rating is higher for the patient's need standpoint than cost-effectiveness.<BR>[Conclusion]We analyzed the status of clinics that want to employ acupuncturists and masseurs. This study is expected to help promote the employment of medical acupuncturists and masseurs.

Article in Japanese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-370991


The effect of moxibustion on duodenal motility was examined. Duodenal motility was measured by the balloon method in anesthetized, artificially ventilated rats. The stimulation temperature and duration of moxibustion varied. Treatments were applied to the hind paw and abdomen.<BR>The duodenal motility exhibited an excited response by pinch stimulation of hind paw, and inhibitory response by abdominal pinch stimulation. Duodenal motility did not show any response to indirect moxibustion stimulation of the hind paw and abdomen. Duodenal motility exhibited an excited response by direct application of moxibustion to the hind paw and an inhibitory response by direct application of moxibustion to the abdomen.