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Chinese Mental Health Journal ; (12): 267-272, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-465471


Objective:To investigate the characteristics of health-related risky behaviors in adolescents with bipolar disorder.Methods:Fifty adolescents aged 12 -18 years,fulfilled the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems,Tenth Revision(ICD-10)criteria for bipolar disorder(29 in depressive state, 19 in manic state,and 2 in mixed state)and 100 healthy-matched controls were recruited.Their health-related risky behaviors were assessed using the Questionnaire for Adolescents Health-related Risky Behavior Inventory (AHRBI) and the Questionnaire for Adolescents Health-related Risky Behavior Inventory for Parent (AHRBI-P).Results:The bipolar group had higher AHRBI scores in the total scale and six subscales than controls,including Aggression and Violence (AV),Health-Compromising Behavior (HCB),Rule Breaking (RB),Unprotected Sex (US),Self-injury and Suicide (SS),and Smoking and Drinking(SD)[Total scores,55.5(38,119)vs.46(38,65);P <0.05].Besides, the scores of 26 items of bipolar group were all higher than controls(Ps <0.05).The scores in the total scale and six subscales had no difference between AHRBI and AHRBI-P.According to the partial correlation analysis (de-pressive state =0;manic state =1),the AHRBI and AHRBI-P scores of Self-injury and Suicide subscale were nega-tively associated with the episode state (r =-0.32,-0.33;Ps <0.05).The AHRBI scores of'destroy properties'which belongs to the Aggression and Violence subscale were positively associated with the episode state (r =0.32, P <0.05).Conclusion:The adolescents with bipolar disorder have more health-related risky behaviors than the healthy adolescents.The depressive patients have higher risk of suicide.While,the risky behavior of destroying properties tend to occur among the manic patients.

Chinese Journal of Immunology ; (12): 295-299, 2015.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-460412


Objective:To establish cell lines stably expressing Rab5a and its the inactive mutant Rab5aN133I,analyze the effect of Rab5a on the expression of cytokines in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 cells .Methods:RAW264.7 cells were transfected with Rab5a and its inactive mutant vector Rab5a N133I separately,and then screened by G418.Rab5a stable expressing cell lines were identified by Real time-PCR.The growth of the stable cell lines was analyzed by MTT assay.After the stable cell lines were stimulated by LPS for different time periods,the expression of iNOS,TNF-αand IL-6 was detected.Results:Rab5a and Rab5aN133I transfection resulted in elevated Rab5a mRNA expression compared with the control cells ( P<0.05 ).Rab5a overexpression enhanced the proliferation of RAW264.7 cells.However,the proliferation of Rab5aN133I cells was significantly slower than the control cells ( P<0.05).Overexpression of Rab5a promoted LPS-induced production of iNOS,TNF-αand IL-6 in RAW264.7 cells (P<0.01). Conversely,overexpression of Rab5aN133I abolished the stimulating effects of Rab5a.Conclusion: Rab5a promoted LPS-induced expression of iNOS,TNF-αand IL-6 in RAW264.7 macrophages in a GTP-binding ability-dependent manner.