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Journal of Clinical Hepatology ; (12): 2220-2224, 2021.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-904873


Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has become one of the main causes of chronic liver diseases worldwide and is closely associated with metabolic syndrome. In-depth studies on the pathogenesis of NAFLD in recent years have shown that autophagy is a highly conservative process in eukaryotes and plays an important role in the progression of NAFLD, and therefore, it is expected to become a new target for the treatment of NAFLD. This article reviews the research advances in autophagy-related signal molecules in NAFLD, in order to provide new ideas for the treatment of NAFLD.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 4260-4264, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-704422


OBJECTIVE:To develop a method for rapid determination of moisture and salidroside in Rhodiolae crenulatae.METHODS:The content of moisture was determined by the methods of oven drying (as reference value);the content of salidroside was determined by HPLC (as reference value).Near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) combined with partial least squares (PLS) algorithm were adopted to establish quantitative model for the contents of moisture and salidroside.According to reference value,83 samples were collected for preprocessing spectra by Savitsky Golay with second derivative and Norris Derivative with first derivative.The optimal spectrum range of moisture and salidroside were 7 343.60-6 865.34,5 183.72-4 890.59 cm-1 and 7 050.47-4 327.48 cm-1,respectively.RESULTS:The content determination methodology of salidroside was in line with the requirement.The correlation coefficients of calibration for moisture and salidroside were 0.968 9 and 0.920 3,and the root mean square errors of calibration were 0.273 0 and 0.085 0,respectively.The correlation coefficients of predication were 0.977 1 and 0.930 0,and the root mean square errors of prediction were 0.222 0 and 0.075 5,respectively.CONCLUSIONS:The method is proved to be simple,rapid,non-destructive and accurate,which can be used for the rapid determination of moisture and salidroside in R.crenulatae.

China Pharmacy ; (12): 115-118, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-507832


OBJECTIVE:To prepare total flavonoids of Hippophae rhamnoides(TFH)-PVP K30 solid dispersion,and to char-acterize and study its in vitro dissolution. METHODS:Solvent method was used to prepare TFH-PVP K30 solid dispersion with dif-ferent drug-loading ratio of 1:1,1:2,1:3,1:4,1:5;single factor test was designed to screen drug-loading ratio using dissolution parameter Td as index;orthogonal test was designed to optimize ultrasonic time,temperature of water bath and drying time for prep-aration technology using in vitro dissolution rate as index,and then validated. SEM,DSC and FT-IR were used to characterize sol-id dispersion. RESULTS:Td of TFH-PVP K30 solid dispersion was the lowest when drug-loading ratio was 1:3. Optimal technolo-gy was ultrasonic time 10 min,temperature of water bath 60 ℃ and drying time 12 h. 90 min accumulative dissolution rate of pre-pared TFH-PVP K30 solid dispersion was 90.22% in average(RSD=1.74%,n=3). The results of SEM,DSC and FT-IR showed that the drug as amorphous form dispersed in the PVP K30,the formation of hydrogen bond of the both. CONCLUSIONS:TFH-PVP K30 solid dispersion is prepared successfully,and in vitro dissolution rate of it is improved significantly.