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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-498329


Objective This article aims to investigate the effect of gender determination for measuring the 12th Thoracic Vertebra by using computed tomography (CT) and explore the feasibility for the research of human skeleton measuring by CT technique in the ifeld of forensic anthropology.Methods After ascertaining 11 radial line indicators,we measured Multi-planner Reformation (MPR)image of the 12th Thoracic Vertebra. Four ratio indicators were calculated after eliminating measurement uncertainty of results. We inspected the effect of gender determination for measuring the 12th Thoracic Vertebra by using computed tomography (CT) on account of statistical measurement data.Results Gender determination of 12 indicators is remarkable after eliminating 3 unstable indicators. Sevene quations were established. The equation established by centrum indicators predicted sex up to 91.6% accuracy.Conclusion The morphometry indicators of 12th Thoracic Vertebra have gender difference. CT technology can accurately measure skeleton and is valuale for study of human skeleton measuring research in the ifeld of forensic anthropology.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-508744


Objective This article aim to optimize facial characteristic indexes and to establish the standard of classiifcation by studying positive photos of Chinese Han nationality adults, and to investigate the personal identiifca-tion power ifnally. Methods Firstly, we determined the 27 facial characteristic indexes and standard of classiifcation. Secondly, we observed 254 positive photos of Chinese Han nationality adults. Finally, indexes and standard of classi-ifcation are evaluated through statistically analysising of observation data results and calculating personal identiifcation capability. Results Thirteen indexes gender differences are signiifcant. All 27 facial characteristic indexes are calculated. Male TDP(total discrimination power)=0.999 999 909 08, female TDP=0.999 999 919 82, overall TDP=0.999 999 868. Conclusion The more facial characteristic indexes and the more classiifcation and the higher degree of classiifcation, the higher personal identiifcation ability can be acquired.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-414511


Objective To evaluate the efficacy in treatment with transurethral electrocision for prostatic cyst.Methods A total clinical documents of 15 cases prostatic cyst treated with transurethral electrocision were analyzed retrospectively.All the cases were diagnosed confirmly by ultrasonography and CT,all the cysts closed to the prostatic urethra or intrude urinary bladder and all the patients underwent transurethral electrocision.Results All operations were performed successfully with operative time of 18-60 (36 ± 13) min.No blood transfusion during and after the operation and postoperative hospital stay was (5.2 ± 2.6) d.All the patients had been followed up for 6-24 months,the clinic symptom disappeared and no complications happened.Three months after the operation,IPSS decreased from (27.2 ±5.6) scores to (7.5 ± 1.6) scores and QOL decreased from (4.5 ± 1.1 ) scores to ( 1.6 ± 0.6) scores (P< 0.01 ),respectively.Qmax increased from (6.8 ±2.3) ml/s to (22.4 ±4.8) ml/s (P <0.01).Conclusion Transurethral electrocision is an effective therapeutic measure of prostatic cyst close to the prostatic urethra or intrude urinary bladder without so many complications.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-544101


Objective To investigate the relationship between the ADAM gene expression and unknown reason infertile patients. Methods With RT-PCR mehtod, we checked from normal group semen 30 cases and infertile group semen 30 cases in order to know the ADAM1,2,3,32 mRNA expression. Results there are the ADAM1,2,3,32 gene expression in all 30 cases of normal group whereas in 30 cases infertile patients there exists 1 case ADAM1,2,32 lacking expression, 1 case ADAM2,32 lacking expression, 1 case ADAM1 and 1 case ADAM3 lacking expression. Conclusions The lacking of ADAM1,2,3,32 may be one of the most reasons which cause the infertility.