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Chinese Journal of Immunology ; (12): 879-883,892, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-599361


Objective:To explore the promoting effects of IL-7 and IL-2 on CD4+CD25-T cells proliferation in vitro and construct a stable culture system in vitro for CD 4+CD25+regulatory T cells from human umbilical cord blood.To compare the inhibiting effects between induced proliferated CD 4+CD25+Tregs and naturally isolated CD 4+CD25+Tregs on PBMCs functional activity.Methods:CD4+CD25-T cells and CD4+CD25+T cells were isolated from human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells by magnetic activated cell sorting ( MACS) system and then expanded in vitro.Four different concentration levels of IL-7 combined with proper concentration of IL-2 were added as inducer and the efficiency and optimal concentration of IL-7 on inducing,CD4+CD25-T cells were analyzed via 4 different methods.Flow cytometry method was used to detect the changes of CD 4+CD25-T cells.The inhibitory effect of expanded CD 4+CD25+T cells on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) was tested by MTS.The expressions of Foxp3,IL-10 and TGF-βgenes in CD4+CD25+T cells were test by RT-PCR.Results:The CD4+CD25+T cells from each groups were expanded significantly after three weeks of culture.The results indicated that use of IL-7 combined with IL-2 resulted in the highest cell expansion comparing to the other groups.It was shown by the inhibitory test that the expanded CD 4+CD25+regulatory T cells could inhibit the proliferation of PBMCs ,but IL-7 induced CD4+CD25+regulatory T cells exerted weaker suppressor activity than natural regulatory T cells .Only IL-7 (4 ng/ml) and IL-2 (2 000 U/ml) induced CD4+CD25+regulatory T cells showed the strongest killing activity.Conclusion:We successfully expand CD4+CD25+regulatory T cells in vitro.The protocol is established in which the use of mAbCD 3/CD28 combined with IL-7 and IL-2 resulted in the highest cell expansion ,and intensely expressed cell phenotype of CD 4 and CD25.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-564871


Objective To prepare gensenosides microbore osmotic pump tablet, and to investigate releasing in vitro. Methods We prepared gensenosides microbore osmotic pump tablet to investigate the release in vitro by cumulative release rate in different time. Results We prepared gensenosides microbore osmotic pump tablet successfully and investigated releasing in vitro and drew the release curve. Conclusion The release of gensenosides microbore osmotic pump tablet in vitro consists with zero order release rule. It can chalk the effect in ten hours.