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China Pharmacist ; (12): 1352-1355, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-611451


Objective: To optimize the flash extraction process of the active ingredients from Lonicera japonica by Box-Behnken design and response surface methodology.Methods: Flash extraction was used.With the concentration of ethanol,solid-liquid ratio and extraction time as the main influencing factors and the overall normalization value of the transfer rates of chorogenic acid and luteoloside as the evaluation index, Box-behnken design was performed to screen out the optimal extraction conditions.The mathematics relationship between the overall normalization value and the independent variables was established by multiple linear regression and binomial fitting, and response surface methodology was used to predict the optimal process conditions.Results: The optimal extraction conditions were determined as follows: the ethathol concentration was 66.92% ,the solid-liquid ratio was 18.82 ,the extraction duration was 1.20 min and extracted only once.Under the above conditions, the extraction rate of chloragenic acid and total luteoloside was 92.87% and 87.55% , respectively.Conclusion: The optimized technology is simple,economic and practical,which can provide new ideas for the rapid extraction and quality control of active ingredients from Lonicera japonica .

China Pharmacist ; (12): 1622-1626, 2014.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-475789


Objective:To prepare capsaicin liposomes and study the feasibility by in vitro percutaneous penetration test. Meth-ods:Capsaicin liposomes were prepared by a film-ultrasonic method. The best formula was screened by orthogonal test based on single factor studies with the entrapment efficiency as the index. The improved Franz diffusion cells were used to study the transdermal pene-tration of capsaicin suspensions, capsaicin liposomes and capsaicin ointments, and the cumulative penetration amount through the isola-ted rat skin was compared. Results:The optimal formula of capsaicin liposomes were as follows:the ratio of capsaicin to lipids was 1∶5;the amount of Tween-80 was 100 mg;the amount of vitamin E was 50 mg;10 ml dichloromethane was used as the solvent. The op-timal pH value of the external phase was 6. 5 with the volume of 10 ml. The ultrasonic time was 8 min. The order of 12-hour cumulative penetration amount was capsaicin liposomes>capsaicin-PBS suspensions>capsaicin ointments. Capsaicin liposomes had the highest 12-hour cumulative penetration amount and showed obvious sustained-release property. Conclusion:Capsaicin liposomes have high en-trapment efficiency, good percutaneous penetration and sustained-release property, and the preparation technology is simple.