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Cell Journal [Yakhteh]. 2019; 20 (4): 477-482
in English | IMEMR | ID: emr-199616


Objective: Type 1 diabetes is caused by destruction of beta cells of pancreas. Vildagliptin [VG], a dipeptidyl peptidase IV [DPP IV] inhibitor, is an anti-diabetic drug, which increases beta cell mass. In the present study, the effects of VG on generation of insulin-producing cells [IPCs] from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells [ASCs] is investigated

Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, ASCs were isolated and after characterization were exposed to differentiation media with or without VG. The presence of IPCs was confirmed by morphological analysis and gene expression [Pdx-1, Glut-2 and Insulin]. Newport Green staining was used to determine insulin-positive cells. Insulin secretion under different concentrations of glucose was measured using radioimmunoassay method

Results: In the presence of VG the morphology of differentiated cells was similar to the pancreatic islet cells. Expression of Pdx-1, Glut-2 and Insulin genes in VG-treated cells was significantly higher than the cells exposed to induction media only. Insulin release from VG-treated ASCs showed a nearly 3.6 fold [P<0.05] increase when exposed to a highglucose medium in comparison to untreated ASCs. The percentage of insulin-positive cells in the VG-treated cells was approximately 2.9-fold higher than the untreated ASCs

Conclusion: The present study has demonstrated that VG elevates differentiation of ASCs into IPCs. Improvement of this protocol may be used in cell therapy in diabetic patients

Journal of Health-Based Research. 2015; 1 (2): 167-176
in Persian | IMEMR | ID: emr-188263


Introduction: Challenges of service provision systems necessitate the presence of staff with higher motivation to work more efficiently, so paying close attention to job satisfaction of these staffs to enhance organizational efficiency sounds essential. The aim of this study was to investigate and among those staffs working in a Shohadaye Tajrish educational Hospital in Tehran

Method: This was a cross-sectional correlative study on a 200-staff sample in a teaching hospital in Tehran which was selected by a simple accidental sampling in 2013. The research instrument was a questionnaire with 25 questions that was considered suitable for face and construct validity and reliability. Data analysis was done by parametric statistics and Pearson correlation on statistical level of 0.05 applying SPSS version 18

Results: Results indicated that the highest average of the participants was related to satisfaction of coworker's dimension 4.05+/-0.87, and the least average belonged to satisfaction of salary 1.54+/-0.74. Furthermore, there was positive and statisticant relation between the whole satisfaction and all other five dimensions of the model. Finally the analysis among two variables [sex and age] and whole job satisfaction had significant relationship

Conclusion: It seems that correcting reward mechanisms in hospitals and applying managerial tools like performance-based-management can improve the staffs` performance and motivation. In addition, reinforcing the social relationships among coworkers may lead to incremental changes in one of the most important dimensions of the model and finally affect the whole satisfaction