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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-885303


Objective:To explore the clinical efficacy of dual-kidney transplantation from infant donors to adult recipients.Methods:From December 2012 to November 2020 in Organ Transplant Center First Affiliated Hospital Sun Yat-sen University, rertrospective reviews were conducted for clinical data of 25 pairs of infant donors and adult recipients. The survival rates were calculated for both recipients and transplanted kidneys at Year 1/3/5 post-transplantation. And the postoperative recovery status and the postoperative incidence of adverse events of recipients were observed.Results:The survival rates of recipients were all 95.8% at Year 1/3/5 and those of transplanted kidney and dealth-cancelling transplanted kidney all 87.2%. One case died due to acute inferior-wall cardiac infarction while three others lost renal functions for vascular thrombosis, ureteral stenosis and urinary fistula. Except for loss of renal function and death, the postoperative estimated golmerular fitration rate was (99.35±21.78), (103.11±29.20) and (114.99±28.55) ml/(min·1.73 m 2) at Year 1/2/3 respectively. Conclusions:Selecting proper recipients, standardizing donor acquisition and surgical procedures and strengthening perioperative managements may expand the donor pool. The overall outcomes are excellent for adult recipients with dual-kidney transplantation from donations after infants' death.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-810456


Objective@#To access the influence of voice disorders on children′s voice-related quality of life through the parental version of pediatric voice handicap index (pVHI).@*Methods@#From April 2017 to March 2018, a total of 192 children with voice disorders (dysphonic group) and 111 children without voice disorders (control group) were enrolled in this work. Parents of children in both groups were asked for fill out the questionnaire containing the parental version of pVHI and the data of non-normal distribution were analyzed by Mann-Whitney U test. Spearman test was used for correlation analysis.@*Results@#(1)Vocal cord nodule was the most common voice disorder in children, and boys were more susceptible to voice disorder than girls in this study (70.3%(135/192) vs 29.7%(57/192)). (2)The most common voice abuse or misuse habit was "Shouting loudly". (3)In dysphonic group, the scores of function, physiology, emotion and total were higher than those in control group (all P<0.05). (4)In dysphonic group, there was a weak correlation between the parents′ overall evaluation of the children′s voice status and the three dimensions of the parental version of pVHI (function: r=0.339, physiology: r=0.334, emotion: r=0.208, all P<0.001).@*Conclusions@#Voice disorders can cause a negative impact on children′s quality of life. Parental version of pVHI can be used to assess the voice-related quality of life in children with voice disorders.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-810113


Vocal cord leukoplakia is a clinical diagnosis defined as a whitish patch or a plaque on a mucosal surface. Because of the diversity of histopathological types, the complexity and unpredictability risks for malignant transformation, there are still many controversies about its histopathological classification, diagnosis and treatment. The aim of this article is to review the epidemiology, etiology, pathological classification, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of vocal cord leukoplakia.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-710708


Objective To explore the clinical outcome of renal transplantation and analyze the risk factors influencing the kidney allograft survival after transplantation.Methods The clinical data of 524 cases of renal transplantation between January 2007 and December 2015 were retrospectively analyzed.Serum creatinine was determined,and glomerular filtration rate(GFR) was estimated.The 1-,2-and 3-year patient and graft survival after transplantation was calculated.Adverse events were recorded.Results The median follow-up time was 17.2 months.The 1-,2-and 3-year graft survival rate after transplantation was 97%,95.8% and 95.3%,respectively.The 1-,2-and 3-year patient survival rate after transplantation was 97.8%,97% and 97%,respectively.The eGFR was (67.6 ± 24.1),(68.9±24.2) and (72.7 ± 26.2) ml·min-1 ·1.73 m-2 at 1st,2nd and 3rd year after transplantation.The incidence of delayed graft function(DGF) was 20.6% (108/524).Multivariate analysis revealed donor type (P =0.005) and the terminal creatinine (P<0.001) were the independent risk factors of DGF.Elder recipients (P =0.004),recipients with diabetes(P =0.031),preoperative positivity of panel reactive antibody(PRA) (P =0.023),and donor with hypertension (P =0.046) were risk factors influencing the kidney allograft survival.Conclusion Kidney transplantation showed good outcomes at 3rd year after transplantation.The recipient age,recipient's history of diabetes,preoperative PRA and donor's history of hypertension are independent risk factors for renal graft survival.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-808712


Objective@#To investigate the clinical and pathological features and prognosis of white lesion of vocal cord.@*Methods@#One hundred and fifty-four cases of white lesion of vocal cord from January 2009 to February 2016 were retrospectively analysed. All the patients had undergone the resection of white lesion of vocal cord resection through retaining laryngoscope under general anesthesia with the specimens pathologically examined.@*Results@#There were 148 males and 6 females in this study. The ages ranged from 36 to 83 years, and the median age was 54.5.There were 103(66.88%) long-term smokers, and 64(41.56%) long-term drinkers. Postoperative pathology showed that chronic mucosal inflammation in 19 cases (12.34%), squamous epithelial hyperplasia in 56 cases(36.36%), mild dysplasia in 25 cases(16.23%), moderate dysplasia in 34 cases(22.08%), severe dysplasia in 12 cases(7.79%), carcinoma in situ in 6 cases(3.90%), and invasive carcinoma in 2 cases(1.30%). The recurrence rate and canceration rate of chronic mucosal inflammation were 0. The recurrence rate of squamous epithelial hyperplasia was 10.71%, the canceration rate was 0.The recurrence rate of mild dysplasia was 8.00%, the canceration rate was 0. The recurrence rate of moderate dysplasia was 20.59%, the canceration rate was 8.82%. The recurrence rate of severe dysplasia was 25.00%, the canceration rate was 16.67%.@*Conclusions@#White lesion of vocal cord is a predominantly male disease. Long-term smokering and drinking are one of common causes. The final diagnosis of white lesion of vocal cord relies on the pathology. Closed observation is necessary for theses dysplasia cases. The majority of which are benign, the operation effect is good.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-504735


Objective To investigate the prevalence of voice disorder and voice fatigue mental state in the pri-mary school teachers in a district of Chengdu.Methods A random sampling survey included 389 teachers from a dis-trict of Chengdu after they filled out the throat symptoms questionnaire,carried out voice fatigue tests,and strobo-scopic laryngoscopy.Results The most common voice of discomfort symptoms was hoarseness,followed by sore throat,dry throat and vocal fatigue.There were 189 teachers,48.5%,with voice disorders as the voice disorder group)and 200 teachers without throat and voice disorders as the control group.The failure rate was significantly higher at 80 dB than 75 dB,and for the study group,the failure rate was higher than that of the control group.The difference was statistically significant in 1,2 and 10 minutes between the two groups(P <0.05).Conclusion Voice fatigue is very common in the primary school teachers and when high volumes are required,the voice fatigue is more serious.To reduce voice fatigue and the incidence of primary school teachers'voice disease,we should strengthen the teacher's voice health care.