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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-507013


Advanced schistosomiasis is the most serious clinical type of schistosomiasis. Its diagnosis and treatment are relat?ed to many special departments,such as gastroenterology,general surgery,neurology,endocrinology,radiology,traditional Chinese medicine,blood purification,endoscopy,intervention,and ICU. It is necessary to apply a multidisciplinary treatment (MDT)mode. However,the mode has no universal standard and guide in practice. It is very important for the implementation of MDT mode of advanced schistosomiasis to form a treatment expert team,formulate the formal working procedures,and standard?ize the treatment schedules. The standardized implementation of MDT mode will be important to provide a more effective clinical decision on advanced schistosomiasis.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-618909


Advanced schistosomiasis,encompassing a wide range of pathologic entities and multi-complications,poses a se-rious threat on the patients'health. Through comprehensive analysis and evaluation on related aspects regarding clinical classifi-cation,main methods of auxiliary examination and treatment(including types of surgical procedure)of advanced schistosomia-sis,we think that the individual based multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment according to varying conditions of patients is the most optimal treatment mode of advanced schistosomiasis. It is further proposed that multidisciplinary collaborative diagnosis and treatment system should be undoubtedly established,multidisciplinary case discussions be regularly organized,and treat-ment expert teams be stably formed,in order to significantly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of advanced schistoso-miasis,so as to reduce the misdiagnosis and improve the therapeutic effect in advanced schistosomiasis control.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-495733


This paper summarizes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of imported African schistosomiasis,in order to make the therapeutic standards. Imported African schistosomiasis includes mainly schistosomiasis haematobia and schistosomiasis mansoni in China. In order to set up the operational standards,enhance diagnostic and cure rates,and reduce the complica?tions,we review the related literature combined with our experience over years,and summarize,in this paper,the pathogenic mechanism,and key points of clinical diagnosis and treatment of schistosomiasis haematobia and schistosomiasis mansoni,so as to provide the reference for clinical doctors.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-605431


The medical assistance to advanced schistosomiasis patients established by the Chinese government is a major public facility for patients with advanced schistosomiasis. Since the medical assistance to advance schistosomiasis patients in Hu?nan Province started ten years ago,a set of mature and operable programs with whole program management and related technolo?gies has been developed. The author investigated the data on medical assistance to advanced schistosomiasis patients in Hunan Province during the last 10 years(from 2006 to 2015)retrospectively,and found that the program had high therapeutic effect and high satisfaction degree of both patients and the society. In order to improve the management of the medical assistance to ad?vanced schistosomiasis patients and share our experiences of the whole program management and related technologies with the colleagues of other provinces,this paper mainly illustrates the experiences of the program,as well as the existing problems and related strategies.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-554247


Objective To introduce the surgical treatment experiences of upper gastric cancer in our department in recent 10 years for improving its therapeutic level. Methods 94 patients with upper gastric cancer underwent proximal subtotal gastrectomy or total incision plus the left seventh to ninth ribs resection. Results One case developed a fistula at the anastomosis, 3 cases had residual tumor cells at the esophageal margin, and 8 cases developed pttlmonary infections. No one developed costal chondritis or hemopneumothorax followed by pleura injury. Conclusions Operations through mid-abdominal incision on patients with upper gastric cancers, which provide a well exposure, less injury and pain, and are applicable to those whose esophageal invasion is under 1 cm of length.