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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-980785


A multifunctional moxibustion treatment machine is designed and developed to assist the heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy. Through the motion control of the stepping motor by programmable logic controller (PLC), the automatic control is obtained for the acupoint detection of heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy and the manual operation of moxibustion. The skin temperature is monitored in real-time, using infrared non-contact temperature measurement technology. Based on the deviation of the temperature set value and the monitoring one, the distance between the moxibustion device and the exerted region is adjusted automatically by PLC so that the temperature is controlled practically. The multifunctional moxibustion treatment machine based on the heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy is capable of the operation control of mild moxibustion, circling moxibustion, sparrow-pecking moxibustion and along-meridian moxibustion techniques, as well as real-time monitoring of skin temperature. The temperature change curve of this machine is coincident with that obtained by the manual operation of heat-sensitive moxibustion. This multifunctional moxibustion treatment machine assists the delivery of heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy and it is satisfactory in temperature control and precise in operation.

Hot Temperature , Moxibustion , Pain Management , Acupuncture Points , Meridians
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-928856


In order to effectively prevent the damage to the human body caused by abnormal oxygen concentration in the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a ZigBee-based medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen concentration automatic control system is designed. The data acquisition module uses the microprocessor STM32F103C8T6 to receive the oxygen concentration data of each acquisition point, and the ZigBee of the data processing module transmits the processing results to the MSP430G2553 single-chip microcomputer at the receiving end of the slave. The MSP430G2553 single-chip microcomputer uses a self-organizing TS fuzzy neural network (SOTSFNN) and adds activation. The intensity concept realizes automatic control of the oxygen concentration in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and controls the buzzer to give an alarm when the oxygen concentration is lower than 19 mg/L and higher than 23 mg/L, and displays the current real-time oxygen concentration through LCD12864. The experimental results show that as the communication distance increases, the packet loss rate of the system is always lower than 5%, and the signal strength under the same communication distance is better; the system can effectively control the oxygen concentration value within the set range, and the oxygen concentration. The control accuracy is high and the stability is good.

Humans , Hyperbaric Oxygenation , Microcomputers , Oxygen
Rev. lasallista investig ; 17(2): 297-311, jul.-dic. 2020. tab, graf
Article in Spanish | LILACS-Express | LILACS | ID: biblio-1361029


Resumen Se presenta una revisión conceptual generalizada de los conformadores de entrada de sistemas de control como herramientas para eliminar vibraciones en la salida de los sistemas. Se desarrollan los diferentes tipos de conformadores como versiones mejoradas de Posicast, el conformador original. Luego se presentan las aplicaciones de Posicast en el desarrollo de sistemas electrónicos, específicamente, en circuitos de potencia y en circuitos microelectrónicos.

Abstract This work is a generalized conceptual revision of the control system input shapers. The input shapers are used to eliminate vibrations at the output of the systems. The different types of shapers are developed as improved versions of Posicast, or the original shaper. Then, Posicast applications are presented in the development of electronic systems, specifically in power circuits and microelectronic circuits.

Resumo Uma revisão conceitual generalizada dos formadores de entrada dos sistemas de controle é apresentada. Os formadores de entrada são usados para eliminar vibrações na saída dos sistemas. Os diferentes tipos de formadores são desenvolvidos como versões melhoradas do Posicast, o shaper original. Em seguida, as aplicações da Posicast são apresentadas no desenvolvimento de sistemas eletrônicos, especificamente em circuitos de potência e circuitos microeletrônicos.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-846538


Alkaloids is one of the most extensive natural products and one of the most important effective constituents of Chinese materia medica (CMM), most of which have complex ring structure and the effect of antidiabetics, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral and so on. Macroporous resin is a kind of high-molecular polymer, which cannot be dissolved in acid, alkali and a variety of organic solvents, with the feature of fast adsorption and mild desorption condition, easy regeneration, and long service cycle, etc. In recent years, macroporous resin has been widely applied to the separation and purification of alkaloids and flavonoids. However, there are so many different kinds and variable quality of macroporous resin in the market, as well as multifarious factors influencing the purification effect, the experimental research has been severely affected. In this paper, the application of macroporous resin on separating and enriching alkaloids in recent years had been studied to summarize the main factors affecting the purification effect. The characteristics as well as the problems of macroporous resin were also analyzed. By studying the pretreatment and regeneration process of macroporous resin and optimizing process parameters, the adsorption and desorption performance can be strengthened and the yield or recovery rate of target alkaloids could be enhanced, promoting the further use of macroporous resin in separating and enriching alkaloids from CMM.

Fisioter. Mov. (Online) ; 33: e003303, 2020. tab, graf
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-1056178


Abstract Introduction: Postural control in individuals with HTLV-1-associated myelopathy or tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP) is usually compromised, which increases the risk of falls, makes it difficult to perform activities of daily living, and impairs the quality of life. The profile of the center of gravity oscillations in this population is unknown and may aid in clinical follow-up and research. Objective: To compare the stabilometric values between HAM/TSP and uninfected individuals and verify the existence of correlations between stabilometric variables and the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). Method: A cross-sectional observational study was performed with infected individuals, classified as defined and likely (WHO criteria), compared to accompanying persons and seronegative relatives. A baropodometry platform (Footwork®) was used to obtain the oscillation values of the body's center of gravity in total oscillation area (TOA), anterior-posterior oscillation (APO) and lateral oscillation (LO). Mean values were correlated with BBS by Spearman's Correlation (5% alpha). Approved by the ethical committee of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública under Opinion 49634815.2.0000.5628. Results: An asymmetric distribution of all the stabilometric variables analyzed in the HAM/TSP population was found, different from the uninfected group (p < 0.05). It was also possible to verify strong to moderate and inverse correlations between the variables of center of gravity oscillation with the scores obtained in BBS, especially for TOA and LO. Conclusion: People with HAM/TSP presented higher values for the center of gravity oscillations and these were correlated with the BBS in the balance evaluation.

Resumo Introdução: o controle postural em indivíduos com mielopatia associada ao HTLV-1 ou paraparesia espástica tropical (HAM/TSP) é geralmente comprometido, o que aumenta o risco de quedas, dificulta a realização de atividades de vida diária e prejudica a qualidade de vida. O perfil das oscilações do centro de gravidade nesta população é desconhecido e pode auxiliar no acompanhamento clínico e na pesquisa. Objetivo: comparar os valores estabilométricos entre pessoas com HAM/TSP e não infectados, e verificar a existência de correlações entre variáveis estabilométricas e a Escala de Equilíbrio Berg (EEB). Método: foi realizado um estudo observacional transversal com indivíduos infectados, classificados como definidos e prováveis (critérios da OMS), comparados com acompanhantes e familiares soronegativos. Uma plataforma de baropodometria (Footwork®) foi utilizada para obter os valores de oscilação do centro de gravidade do corpo em área de oscilação total (AOT), oscilação anteroposterior (OAP) e oscilação laterolateral (OLL). Os valores médios foram correlacionados com a BBS pela Correlação de Spearman (alfa 5%). Aprovado pelo Comitê de Ética da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública sob o CAAE 49634815.2.0000.5628. Resultados: encontrou-se distribuição assimétrica de todas as variáveis estabilométricas analisadas na população com HAM/TSP, diferentes do grupo de não infectados (p < 0,05). Também foi possível verificar correlações de forte a moderada e inversas entre as variáveis de oscilação do centro de gravidade com os escores obtidos na EEB, especialmente para AOT e OLL. Conclusão: Pessoas com HAM/TSP apresentaram valores maiores para as oscilações do centro de gravidade e estas foram correlacionadas com a EEB na avaliação do equilíbrio.

Resumen Introducción: El control postural en individuos con mielopatía asociada al HTLV-1 o paraparesia espástica tropical (HAM/TSP) suele estar comprometido, lo que aumenta el riesgo de caídas, les dificulta en las actividades de la vida diaria y perjudica su calidad de vida. Conocer el perfil de las oscilaciones del centro de gravedad en esta población puede ayudar en el seguimiento clínico y la investigación. Objetivo: Comparar los valores estabilométricos entre personas con HAM/TSP y personas no infectadas, y verificar la existencia de correlaciones entre las variables estabilométricas y la Escala de Equilibrio de Berg (BBS). Método: Se realizó un estudio observacional transversal con individuos infectados, clasificados como definidos y probables (criterios de la OMS), comparados a acompañantes y familiares seronegativos. Se utilizó una plataforma de baropodometría (Footwork®) para obtener los valores de oscilación del centro de gravedad del cuerpo en el área de oscilación total (AOT), oscilación antero-posterior (OAP) y oscilación lateral-lateral (OLL). Los valores medios se correlacionaron con la BBS por la correlación de Spearman (alfa 5%). Estudio aprobado por el Comité de Ética de la Escuela Bahiana de Medicina y Salud Pública bajo CAAE 49634815.2.0000.5628. Resultados: Se encontró una distribución asimétrica de todas las variables estabilométricas analizadas en la población HAM/TSP diferente en el grupo no infectado (p <0,05). También fue posible verificar correlaciones de fuertes a moderadas e inversas entre las variables de oscilación del centro de gravedad con las puntuaciones obtenidas en la BBS, especialmente para AOT y OLL. Conclusión: Las personas con HAM/TSP presentaron valores más altos en las oscilaciones del centro de gravedad, las cuales se correlacionaron con la BBS en la evaluación del equilibrio.

Humans , Middle Aged , Spinal Cord Diseases , Human T-lymphotropic virus 1 , Postural Balance , Paraparesis, Tropical Spastic , Automatic Control of Processes , Motor Activity
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-752144


In our country, the technology of extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicine is backward relatively. The production process is extensive and the equipment level is low relatively. The manufacturing process is mainly based on unit operation and manual operation. The automatic control of the whole process has not been realized, which has seriously restricted the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine industry. If automatic control technology applied to traditional Chinese medicine in the extraction process, the process parameters of operation will be in the effective and strict monitoring and control, so as to improve the product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs, to achieve the green production. In this paper, the current situation and the application of new automation technology in the process of extraction traditional Chinese medicine in recent years were summarized, in order to provide a reference for Chinese medicine green and intelligent production.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-510018


Objective To design a speech command module to replace manual command during X-ray examination.Methods The module was composed of the parts for speech,pushbutton actuator,speaker,miniature voice box,power source and etc.The electrical conductors were used to connect the above parts,and the speech command was formed by special software.Results The module had the speech command triggered by the pushbutton,and the speech command was pellucid and clear so that the workload could be decreased.Conclusion The module facilitates the speech command during X-ray examination,and thus is worthy promoting practically.

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica ; (12): 462-467, 2017.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-779615


Our research was designed for on-line detection of multi-index in the concentration process of Ganmaoling granules by integration of near infrared spectroscopy and automatic control system. First, on-line detection system was set up in the concentration tank for Ganmaoling granules production. Spectra were scanned and values of chlorogenic acid, linarin, solid content and relative density were measured. Models of partial least squares regression were built and imported into near infrared workstation. By connecting the control system, real-time multi-index values were determined automatically in the concentration process. Results showed that correlation coefficients of chlorogenic acid, linarin, solid content and relative density models were 0.963, 0.989, 0.993 and 0.918, respectively. Relative standard errors of prediction were 3.71%, 4.28%, 4.17% and 0.24%, respectively, indicating a good performance and high accuracy of the models. Real-time data collection during the whole process was measured by the near infrared detecting system in the control system. In conclusion, the near infrared detection system is able to perform real-time automatic determination of multi-index in the concentration process of Ganmaoling granules with significant advantages.

Rev. tecnol. (St. Tecla, En línea) ; (6): 11-16, ene.-dic. 2013. ^c28 cm.ilus., graf.
Article in Spanish | BISSAL, LILACS | ID: biblio-1152252


La agricultura en El Salvador es una actividad que se desarrolla aplicando técnicas tradicionales con poco grado de ingeniería y de automatización por parte de los agricultores. En el país existen pocas empresas dedicadas a la producción de verduras y hortalizas por medio de sistemas de invernaderos automatizados o con cierto de grado de control. Los costos de instalación de estos sistemas automatizados representan una alta inversión para la mayoría de agricultores que desean entrar en la industrialización de sus cultivos y aumentar la productividad y calidad de sus cosechas para lograr exportar sus frutos. Es por eso que la Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería ITCA-FEPADE, en conjunto con la Escuela Nacional de Agricultura ENA, se encuentra trabajando en el diseño y montaje de un prototipo de sistema automatizado para invernaderos familiares de menor costo, que les permita a los agricultores mejorar su condición económica por medio de una producción más controlada y protegida.

Agriculture in El Salvador is an activity that is developed by applying traditional techniques with little degree of engineering and automation by farmers. with a certain degree of control. The installation costs of these automated systems represent a high investment for the majority of farmers who wish to enter into the industrialization of their crops and increase the productivity and quality of their crops in order to export their fruits. That is why the ITCA-FEPADE Specialized School in Engineering, in conjunction with the National School of Agriculture ENA, is working on the design and assembly of a prototype of an automated system for lower-cost family greenhouses, which allow farmers improve their economic condition through a more controlled and protected production.

Automation/instrumentation , Greenhouses , Crops, Agricultural , Agriculture , Science, Technology and Society , Industrial Development , Automatic Control of Processes , Farmers , Food Supply
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-587307


Transducer is applied to automatic control system extensively,but it causes certain electromagnetic interference to control circuit and electricity equipments around it and sometimes may result in wrong action.This paper carries on the experimental analysis and formulates some anti-disturbance measures.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-591625


Objective To set telephone alarm device in attraction system of automatic control center for timely detection of malfunctions.Methods The vacuum negative pressure meter and the delayed control line were used.The telephone key of H.F.was connected and the dial key was stored.Results Malfunctions could be detected promptly through telephone alarm.Conclusion The attraction system of the center can be examined and repaired in time,thus ensuring the medical security.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-591103


Objective To propose a method & Implementation for automatic blood ingredient separating and transferring.Methods Whole blood could be layered after centrifugal processing,and the color of the layers appeared different certainly.So color sensors could be used to receive different color signals of ingredient blood to control the process of separating whole blood and transfer different blood ingredients to different blood bags.When plasma was extruded out of the whole blood,resistance-strain pressure sensor was used to get the weight,and the air was cleaned out through extrusion movement.Air cleaning automatic control was realized through examining the intensity of pressure in the blood bag by photoconductive resistance.When the process of separating blood finished completely,the glue pipes could be heated automatically.The device adopted main-subsidiary configuration,the master was mostly in charge of separating and transferring blood ingredients of whole blood and the assistor was used to extrude out the air remains in the plasma bag and get the weight of the plasma.Results The assistor was made actually by using a PC as a virtual master to conduct experiments debugging and improve the assistor,and then the precision of electronic weighing reached 0.5g while the air in blood bag was almost cleaned absolutely.A communication protocol was developed and the serial communication between the master and the assistor were realized by VC6.0.Conclusion This method and device can automatically separate and transfer different blood components fast and efficiently,thus meeting the automation needs of the blood station.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-583601


This paper introduces some information of the electronic control system for LGJ-80 freeze dryer, including its system structure, hardware system and software system. The automatic control during overall course, automatic adjustment for degree of vacuum and antijamming are realized in this paper.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-678093


Objective To design the automatic control system for visual discrimination Go/No Go task training applied in the research of cognitive neuroscience, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, psychology and psychiatry. Methods Windows was used as the operation platform. The powerful graphic visualized Visual C++6.0 was used as the software for the development. Electric magnet compatible technology was applied in the hardware for the purpose of the stable system. Results This system could automatically and accurately control the whole process of visual discrimination Go/No Go task training. Conclusion The system with friendly interface is stable, reliable, easy to operate, and accurate to judge and time the animal behaviors by electric magnet compatible transducer.