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Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-545473


Objective:The study aims to investigate the expression of integrin ?V?3 and its relationship in gastric cancers.Methods:The tumoral and normal tissues were collected from 65 cases of gastric cancer patients and 40 controls.The clinical phasing and pathological staging of the patients were recorded,and immunohistochemical analysis was used to detect the expression of integrin ?V?3 and microvessel density(MVD)in gastric cancers.Results:The positive rate of integrin ?V?3 expression was significantly higher in gastric cancer tissues than normal mucosal tissues(72.38% vs 22.86%,?2=8.35,P=0.032).There was a significant difference in integrin ?V?3 expression or MVD between tumors of infiltrating and expanding growth patterns(?2=14.97,P=0.002;t=10.150,P=0.001,respectively),cancers in T3~T4 and T1~T2 stages(?2=15.21,P=0.015;t=5.961,P=0.001,respectively).The positive rate of integrin ?V?3 expression and MVD also showed corelationship with lymph node invasion and metastases.Conclusion:Tumoral expression of integrin?V?3 was closely related with biological behavior of gastric cancers,suggesting that detection of integrin ?V?3 expression may present a potential tool to evaluate the clinical and pathological staging,lymph node status and metastases.

China Oncology ; (12)1998.
Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-548593


Integrin ?V?3, one of the major members of the integrin family, plays a pivotal role in tumor angiogenesis because it mediates the cell-extracellular matrix and cell to cell adhesion as well as controls cells proliferation, differentiation, cellular modality and motility.Due to restricted high-expressions in tumors, integrin ?V?3, is considered a suitable targeting receptor for tumor diagnosis.In the past decade, several molecular imaging tracers for integrin ?V?3, have been used to noninvasively visualize its expression in tumor tissues and angiogenic blood vessels through the usage of nuclear imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and optical imaging.Noninvasive detection of integrin ?V?3, expression can potentially be used for tumor diagnosis and prognosis.The current imaging probes used to target integrin ?V?3, through usage of different technologies are briefly recapitulated in this review.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-544744


Objective:To examine the expression of integrin ?V?3 in periodontium during experimental tooth movement, and then to propose the possible role of ?V?3 in bone remodeling during tooth movement. Methods:Thirty-five rabbits were divided into 7 groups (5 rabbits per group):untreated(control), 1,3, 5, 7, 14 and 21 d groups. A elastic coil spring was ligated between the incisors and the first molar and exert a force of approximately 0.78 N to pull the first molar mesially. The animals were sacrificed at each time intervals(1,3,5,7,14 and 21 d) respectively and specimens were made to observe the expression of integrin ?V?3 in periodontium through in situ hybridization. Results:Different extent expression of integrin ?V?3 were seen in osteoclasts, osteoblast precursors, osteoblasts,odontoclasts and odontoblast except bone cells. Conclusions: Integrin ?V?3 may play an important role in bone modeling, cementum resorption and its reparation during experimental tooth movement.

Article in Chinese | WPRIM | ID: wpr-576964


Objective To study the expression of endometrial integrin-? v? 3 in infertility patients induced by chronic pelvic inflammation disease(PID)and to analyze the correlation between the expression and the TCM syndrome patterns.Methods Twenty five infertility patients induced bychronic PID were enrolled into the experimental group,and 15 child-bearing aged women with normal reproductive capability were in the control group.The expression of integrin-? v? 3 in endometrium was measured by flow cytometry.The expression of integrin-? v? 3 in different TCM syndrome patterns was compared.Results The expression of integrin-? v? 3 was(4.76? 1.84)% in experimental group and(11.91? 1.04)% in the control group,there existed a significant difference(P