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Body Donation vis-à-vis the Anatomist - Be Proactive, Vigilant and Safe.
Article in English | IMSEAR (South-East Asia), GHL | ID: sea-183467


Most medical schools are facing a shortage of cadavers. The general attitude and propensity is to procure more cadavers for the Institute. In their efforts to procure bodies for dissection most anatomists ignore measures which ensure their own safety.


In order to assess the attitudes of the anatomists towards the donated body and its management a structured questionnaire was framed in light of the literature.


The trends and results indicate that a lot needs to be done to inculcate ‘safe practices’ and develop a ‘seasoned etiquette’ and ‘mindset’ towards handling of bodies received in anatomy departments.


Standard precautions should be taken during every moment of contact with cadaver. The donated bodies must immediately be categorized on receipt and bodies unsuitable for embalming must be refused by the institution. Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for all personnel likely to come into contact with dead bodies. Formaldehyde levels must not exceed .1ppm for closed spaces.





Full text: Available Index: GHL / IMSEAR (South-East Asia) Language: English Year: 2017 Type: Article