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Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research ; 11(1):71-77, 2021.
Artigo em Inglês | GIM | ID: covidwho-1744335


INTRODUCTION: Diabetes mellitus is a well-known risk factor for worse clinical outcomes in patients with Corona virus disease(COVID-19). Aim of study: To study, the out come in patients with diabetes mellitus, with RTPCR positive COVID-19 CONCLUSION: diabetic patients have the same percentage METHODOLOGY: All the patients admitted during the month of August and September 2021 in corona ward of government medical colleges, are taken for study RESULTS: Total number of patients admitted in covid ward are 1966, diabetes 246(12.5%) In non vaccinated: Total admissions 972(diabetes 124) 12.7%I.C.U admissions;308 (diabetes 38)12.3% Death;92 (diabetes 33) 35% . After first dose of vaccination,: Admissions: 612(diabetes 79)12.9% I.C.U admission, 95(diabetes 18) 18.9% deaths 20(diabetes 6) 30%. After second dose;Total admissions 382(diabetes 43)11.2% I.C.U admissions 42(diabetes 8) 19% and death 5(diabetes 2) 40% in patient admission but ICU admissions, prolonged hospital stay and death significantly more in diabetic patients. The death rate and hospital I.C.U admission is significantly reduced in patients with vaccination when compared with non vaccinated persons.

Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research ; 10(3):96-104, 2021.
Artigo em Inglês | CAB Abstracts | ID: covidwho-1344693


Introduction: Severe cases of COVID-19 are associated with hypoxemic respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), septic shock, cardiac dysfunction, elevation in multiple inflammatory cytokines, thrombo embolic disease, and/or exacerbation of underlying co morbidities. In addition to pulmonary disease, patients with COVID-19 may also experience cardiac, hepatic, renal, and central nervous system disease. AIM OF THE STUDY;To describe the role and outcome, of high-dose of oral liposomal vitamin C treatment in reducing mortality in Covid-19 patients admitted in Government Medical College & ESI Hospital, Coimbatore, India. Materials and methods: Patients who admitted with the diagnosis of COVID-19 by RTPCR in government medical college and ESI hospital Coimbatore during 1 th march 2021 to may 31,2021 are taken for this retrospective study. Of the 8634 patients admitted 5422(62%) required non oxygen beds. -2989(34%) required oxygen beds on admission -223 patients(2.5%) required beds (with,98 on c pap, 34 ventilators,64 high flow nasal oxygen, 43 non re-breathing mask and 58 non invasive ventilators), all outcomes are compared with same type of patients admitted in similar hospital and similar set of patients, without high dose vitamin c.