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Influenza A. Manejo ambulatorio/ Influenza A. Ambulatory management

Autor(es): Nogales, José Alejandro
Fonte: Rev. Asoc. Méd. Argent;132(1): 28-32, Mar. 2019. tab, graf
LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde ID: 1010018
Resumo: Introducción. La influenza A constituye uno de los principales problemas de salud que enfrenta la humanidad.El manejo clínico ambulatorio usando el protocolo de oseltamivir y saturomería permite realizar una práctica evaluación. Objetivo. Evaluar resultados usando protocolo de oseltamivir y saturometría en atención médica ambulatoria y emergencias en pacientes con influenza A. Métodos. Realizar un estudio clínico experimental aleatorio en pacientes con influenza A, usando protocol (mais)

The Role of [ F]FDG-PET/CT in Predicting Malignant Transformation of Plexiform Neurofibromas in Neurofibromatosis-1.

Autor(es): Tovmassian, David; Abdul Razak, Muzib; London, Kevin
Fonte: Int J Surg Oncol;2016: 6162182, 2016.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28058117
Resumo: . Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours (MPNSTs) are difficult to diagnose and treat and contribute to significant morbidity and mortality for patients with Neurofibromatosis-1 (NF-1). FDG-PET/CT is being increasingly used as an imaging modality to discriminate between benign and malignant plexiform neurofibromas. . To assess the value of FDG-PET/CT in differentiating between benign and malignant peripheral nerve lesions for patients with Neurofibromatosis-1. . A systematic review of (mais)


Autor(es): Ippolitov, E V; Didenko, L V; Tzarev, V N
Fonte: Klin Lab Diagn;60(12): 59-64, 2015 Dec.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 27032256
Resumo: The study was carried out to analyze morphology of biofilm of periodontium and to develop electronic microscopic criteria of differentiated diagnostic of inflammatory diseases of gums. The scanning electronic microscopy was applied to analyze samples of bioflm of periodont from 70 patients. Including ten patients with every nosologic form of groups with chronic catarrhal periodontitis. of light, mean and severe degree, chronic catarrhal gingivitis, Candida-associated paroperiodontitis and 2 (mais)

Discrimination of influenza infection (A/2009 H1N1) from prior exposure by antibody protein microarray analysis.

Autor(es): te Beest, Dennis; de Bruin, Erwin; Imholz, Sandra; Wallinga, Jacco; Teunis, Peter; Koopmans, Marion; van Boven, Michiel
Fonte: PLoS One;9(11): e113021, 2014.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 25405997
Resumo: Reliable discrimination of recent influenza A infection from previous exposure using hemagglutination inhibition (HI) or virus neutralization tests is currently not feasible. This is due to low sensitivity of the tests and the interference of antibody responses generated by previous infections. Here we investigate the diagnostic characteristics of a newly developed antibody (HA1) protein microarray using data from cross-sectional serological studies carried out before and after the pandemic (mais)

Tumefactive acute disseminated encephalomyelitis complicating human swine influenza (H1N1).

Autor(es): Chan, Amanda C Y; Ng, S H
Fonte: Hong Kong Med J;20(5): 447-50, 2014 Oct.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 25307074
Resumo: This report illustrates an adult patient presenting with tumefactive acute disseminated encephalomyelitis complicating human swine influenza. Its presentation, diagnosis, investigation findings, course, and response to treatment are discussed herein.

A fatal case of acute myocardial infarction following the improvement of influenza A(H1N1)pdm2009-related acute myocarditis.

Autor(es): Iwanaga, Naoki; Nakamura, Shigeki; Fukuda, Yuichi; Takazono, Takahiro; Imamura, Yoshifumi; Izumikawa, Koichi; Yanagihara, Katsunori; Soda, Hiroshi; Tashiro, Takayoshi; Kohno, Shigeru
Fonte: Intern Med;53(18): 2153-7, 2014.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 25224206
Resumo: A 52-year-old Indian man was hospitalized due to dyspnea and a high fever caused by influenza A(H1N1)pdm2009. Elevated cardiac enzymes, a chest X-ray showing bilateral infiltrative shadows, cardiomegaly and pleural effusion and echocardiography indicating diffuse hypokinesis of the left ventricle suggested cardiac failure due to acute myocarditis. Owing to the administration of combined modality therapy, including steroids and intravenous γ-globulin, the patient's clinical symptoms of in (mais)

Effect of rapid influenza diagnostic testing on antiviral treatment decisions for patients with influenza-like illness: southwestern U.S., May-December 2009.

Autor(es): Suryaprasad, Anil; Redd, John T; Ricks, Philip M; Podewils, Laura Jean; Brett, Meghan; Oski, Jane; Minenna, Wanda; Armao, Frank; Vize, Barbara J; Cheek, James E
Fonte: Public Health Rep;129(4): 322-7, 2014 Jul-Aug.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 24982534
Resumo: Rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs) had low test sensitivity for detecting 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1pdm09) infection, causing public health authorities to recommend that treatment decisions be based primarily upon risk for influenza complications. We used multivariate Poisson regression analysis to estimate the contribution of RIDT results and risk for H1N1pdm09 complications to receipt of early antiviral (AV) treatment among 290 people with influenza-like illness (ILI) who recei (mais)

Acute bronchointerstitial pneumonia in two indoor cats exposed to the H1N1 influenza virus.

Autor(es): Pigott, Armi M; Haak, Carol E; Breshears, Melanie A; Linklater, Andrew K J
Fonte: J Vet Emerg Crit Care (San Antonio);24(6): 715-23, 2014 Nov-Dec.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 24712839
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: To describe 2 cases of acute bronchointerstitial pneumonia in indoor domestic cats infected by anthroponotic transmission of pandemic 2009 influenza A H1N1 virus from their owners. CASE SERIES SUMMARY: Two indoor domestic shorthair cats from the same household were evaluated for acute onset of respiratory distress. The owners had been recovering from flu-like illness at the time of presentation. Venous blood gas showed increased pvCO2 while thoracic radiographs revealed severe br (mais)

Contribution of systematic RT-PCR screening for influenza during the epidemic season.

Autor(es): Martinot, M; Heller, R; Martin, A; Sagot, E; Souply, L; Mothes, A; Mohseni-Zadeh, M; de Briel, D
Fonte: Med Mal Infect;44(3): 123-7, 2014 Mar.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 24612505
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: We assessed the systematic RT-PCR screening of patients admitted to an infectious diseases department (IDD), during the 2012-2013 influenza outbreak. METHODOLOGY: Patients admitted with cough and fever underwent a nasopharyngeal smear for RT-PCR screening. RESULTS: Ninety-eight patients were admitted in the IDD, from January 1st to February 22nd, 46 were screened; 11 male and 6 female patients (17.3%, mean age of 68 years) were positive. The diagnoses made in the emergency depart (mais)

Gripe ou resfriado? Sinusite ou rinite?/ Influenza or cold? Sinusitis or rhinitis?

Autor(es): Campos, Hisbello S
Fonte: J. bras. med;102(1)jan.-fev. 2014.
LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde ID: 712212
Resumo: Resfriado comum e gripe são habitualmente confundidos, principalmente se o resfriado for mais intenso. Coriza é rotulada tanto como alergia como sinusite. Os processos inflamatórios das vias aéreas superiores envolvidos nessas entidades clínicas conjugam fatores comuns, embora tenham etiologias diferentes. Graças a isso, diagnósticos equivocados geram tratamento inadequado, geralmente com emprego desnecessário de antibióticos. O resfriado comum e a gripe (influenza) são infecçõe (mais)
Resultados  1-12 de 186