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Molecular epidemiology of the hemagglutinin gene of prevalent influenza virus A/H1N1/pdm09 among patient in Iran.

Autor(es): Mohebbi, Atefeh; Fotouhi, Fatemeh; Jamali, Abbas; Yaghobi, Ramin; Farahmand, Behrokh; Mohebbi, Reza
Fonte: Virus Res;259: 38-45, 2019 01 02.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 30336188
Resumo: In 2015, the influenza virus A/H1N1/pdm09 strain outbreak became prevalent throughout the different provinces of Iran. There are relatively limited complete genetic sequences available for this virus from Asian countries. Diagnosis and virological surveillance of influenza is essential for detecting novel genetic variants causing epidemic potential. This study describes the genetic properties of HA genome of influenza A/H1N1 pdm09 viruses circulating in Iran during the 2015/2016 season. In (mais)

Impact of viral presence in tumor on gene expression in non-small cell lung cancer.

Autor(es): Kim, Youngchul; Pierce, Christine M; Robinson, Lary A
Fonte: BMC Cancer;18(1): 843, 2018 Aug 22.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 30134863
Resumo: BACKGROUND: In our recent study, most non-small-lung cancer (NSCLC) tumor specimens harbored viral DNA but it was absent in non-neoplastic lung. However, their targets and roles in the tumor cells remain poorly understood. We analyzed gene expression microarrays to identify genes and pathways differentially altered between virus-infected and uninfected NSCLC tumors. METHODS: Gene expression microarrays of 30 primary and 9 metastatic NSCLC patients were preprocessed through a series of quali (mais)

Evolution of equine influenza viruses (H3N8) during a Brazilian outbreak, 2015

Autor(es): Favaro, Patricia Filippsen; Fernandes, Wilson Roberto; Reischak, Dilmara; Brandão, Paulo Eduardo; Silva, Sheila Oliveira de Souza; Richtzenhain, Leonardo José
Fonte: Braz. j. microbiol;49(2): 336-346, Apr.-June 2018. tab, graf
LILACS - Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde ID: 889223
Resumo: Abstract Equine influenza is one of the major respiratory infectious diseases in horses. An equine influenza virus outbreak was identified in vaccinated and unvaccinated horses in a veterinary school hospital in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, in September 2015. The twelve equine influenza viruses isolated belonged to Florida Clade 1. The hemagglutinin and neuraminidase amino acid sequences were compared with the recent isolates from North and South America and the World Organisation for Animal Hea (mais)

MN1 overexpression is driven by loss of DNMT3B methylation activity in inv(16) pediatric AML.

Autor(es): Larmonie, N S D; Arentsen-Peters, T C J M; Obulkasim, A; Valerio, D; Sonneveld, E; Danen-van Oorschot, A A; de Haas, V; Reinhardt, D; Zimmermann, M; Trka, J; Baruchel, A; Pieters, R; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, M M; Zwaan, C M; Fornerod, M
Fonte: Oncogene;37(1): 107-115, 2018 01 04.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28892045
Resumo: In acute myeloid leukemia (AML), specific genomic aberrations induce aberrant methylation, thus directly influencing the transcriptional programing of leukemic cells. Therefore, therapies targeting epigenetic processes are advocated as a promising therapeutic tool for AML treatment. However, to develop new therapies, a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism(s) driving the epigenetic changes as a result of acquired genetic abnormalities is necessary. This understanding is still lacking (mais)

PER1, GUP1 and CWH43 of methylotrophic yeast Ogataea minuta are involved in cell wall integrity.

Autor(es): Xu, Xin-Xin; Komatsuzaki, Akiko; Chiba, Yasunori; Gao, Xiao-Dong; Yoko-O, Takehiko
Fonte: Yeast;35(2): 225-236, 2018 02.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 29027702
Resumo: In eukaryotes, the glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) modification of many glycoproteins on the cell surface is highly conserved. The lipid moieties of GPI-anchored proteins undergo remodelling processes during their maturation. To date, the products of the PER1, GUP1 and CWH43 genes of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae have been shown to be involved in the lipid remodelling. Here, we focus on the putative GPI remodelling pathway in the methylotrophic yeast Ogataea minuta. We found that th (mais)

Involvement of LeMRP, an ATP-binding cassette transporter, in shikonin transport and biosynthesis in Lithospermum erythrorhizon.

Autor(es): Zhu, Y; Chu, S-J; Luo, Y-L; Fu, J-Y; Tang, C-Y; Lu, G-H; Pang, Y-J; Wang, X-M; Yang, R-W; Qi, J-L; Yang, Y-H
Fonte: Plant Biol (Stuttg);20(2): 365-373, 2018 Mar.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 29139179
Resumo: Shikonin and its derivatives are important medicinal secondary metabolites accumulating in roots of Lithospermum erythrorhizon. Although some membrane proteins have been identified as transporters of secondary metabolites, the mechanisms underlying shikonin transport and accumulation in L. erythrorhizon cells still remain largely unknown. In this study, we isolated a cDNA encoding LeMRP, an ATP-binding cassette transporter from L. erythrorhizon, and further investigated its functions in t (mais)

GENOMICS SYMPOSIUM: Using genomic approaches to uncover sources of variation in age at puberty and reproductive longevity in sows.

Autor(es): Wijesena, H R; Lents, C A; Riethoven, J-J; Trenhaile-Grannemann, M D; Thorson, J F; Keel, B N; Miller, P S; Spangler, M L; Kachman, S D; Ciobanu, D C
Fonte: J Anim Sci;95(9): 4196-4205, 2017 Sep.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28992028
Resumo: Genetic variants associated with traits such as age at puberty and litter size could provide insight into the underlying genetic sources of variation impacting sow reproductive longevity and productivity. Genomewide characterization and gene expression profiling were used using gilts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln swine resource population ( = 1,644) to identify genetic variants associated with age at puberty and litter size traits. From all reproductive traits studied, the largest (mais)

Bacillus praedii sp. nov., isolated from purplish paddy soil.

Autor(es): Liu, Bo; Liu, Guo-Hong; Sengonca, Cetin; Schumann, Peter; Wang, Jie-Ping; Zhu, Yu-Jing; Liu, Qin-Ying; Wang, Ming-Kuang
Fonte: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol;67(8): 2823-2828, 2017 Aug.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28820088
Resumo: A Gram-stain-positive, rod-shaped, endospore-forming, aerobic bacterium, designated strain FJAT-25547T, was isolated from the purplish paddy soil collected from Linshan Township, Yanting Prefecture of Sichuan Province in PR China (31° 16' N 105° 27' E). Growth was achieved aerobically at temperatures between 15 and 40 °C (optimum 30 °C), with between 0 and 10.0 % NaCl (w/v) (optimum 4 %) and in the range of pH 5.0-12.0 (optimum pH 9.0). The cell-wall peptidoglycan contained me (mais)

Structural and Functional Analysis of the Escherichia coli Acid-Sensing Histidine Kinase EvgS.

Autor(es): Sen, Hrishiraj; Aggarwal, Nikhil; Ishionwu, Chibueze; Hussain, Nosheen; Parmar, Chandni; Jamshad, Mohammed; Bavro, Vassiliy N; Lund, Peter A
Fonte: J Bacteriol;199(18)2017 09 15.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28674068
Resumo: The EvgS/EvgA two-component system of is activated in response to low pH and alkali metals and regulates many genes, including those for the glutamate-dependent acid resistance system and a number of efflux pumps. EvgS, the sensor kinase, is one of five unconventional histidine kinases (HKs) in and has a large periplasmic domain and a cytoplasmic PAS domain in addition to phospho-acceptor, HK and dimerization, internal receiver, and phosphotransfer domains. Mutations that constitutively a (mais)

Priming in a permissive type I-C CRISPR-Cas system reveals distinct dynamics of spacer acquisition and loss.

Autor(es): Rao, Chitong; Chin, Denny; Ensminger, Alexander W
Fonte: RNA;23(10): 1525-1538, 2017 10.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28724535
Resumo: CRISPR-Cas is a bacterial and archaeal adaptive immune system that uses short, invader-derived sequences termed spacers to target invasive nucleic acids. Upon recognition of previously encountered invaders, the system can stimulate secondary spacer acquisitions, a process known as primed adaptation. Previous studies of primed adaptation have been complicated by intrinsically high interference efficiency of most systems against bona fide targets. As such, most primed adaptation to date has b (mais)

Clinical and genetic characteristics of 17 Chinese patients with glycogen storage disease type IXa.

Autor(es): Zhang, Jiangwei; Yuan, Yuheng; Ma, Mingsheng; Liu, Yan; Zhang, Weimin; Yao, Fengxia; Qiu, Zhengqing
Fonte: Gene;627: 149-156, 2017 Sep 05.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28627441
Resumo: Glycogen storage disease (GSD) type IXa is caused by PHKA2 mutation, which accounts for about 75% of all the GSD type IX cases. Here we first summarized the clinical data and analyzed the PHKA2 gene of 17 Chinese male patients suspected of having GSD type IXa. Clinical symptoms of our patients included hepatomegaly, growth retardation, and liver dysfunction. The clinical and biochemical manifestations improved and even disappeared with age. We detected 14 mutations in 17 patients, including (mais)

Imhoffiella gen. nov., a marine phototrophic member of the family Chromatiaceae including the description of Imhoffiella purpurea sp. nov. and the reclassification of Thiorhodococcus bheemlicus Anil Kumar et al. 2007 as Imhoffiella bheemlica comb. nov.

Autor(es): Nupur, Nupur; Saini, Mohit Kumar; Singh, Pradeep Kumar; Korpole, Suresh; Srinivas Tanuku, Naga Radha; Takaichi, Shinichi; Pinnaka, Anil Kumar
Fonte: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol;67(6): 1949-1956, 2017 Jun.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 28629500
Resumo: A coccoid-shaped phototrophic purple sulfur bacterium, strain AK35T, was isolated from a coastal surface water sample collected from Visakhapatnam, India. Cells were Gram-stain-negative, motile and purple, containing bacteriochlorophyll a and the carotenoid rhodopinal as major photosynthetic pigments. Strain AK35T was able to grow photoheterotrophically and could utilize a number of organic substrates. It was unable to grow photoautotrophically. Strain AK35T was able to utilize sulfide and (mais)
Resultados  1-12 de 1.317