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The COVID-19 Pandemic - A Global Public Health Crisis: A Brief Overview Regarding Pharmacological Interventions

Author(s): Haque, Mainul
Source: Pesqui. bras. odontopediatria clín. integr;20(supl.1): e0146, 2020. graf
LILACS - Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences ID: 1135576
Abstract: Abstract WHO reported that viral diseases remain as an international public health concern. Quite a lot of viral outbreaks such as the SARS coronavirus from 2002 to 2003, H1N1 influenza in 2009, and the MERS syndrome coronavirus in 2012, in the last two decades. The recent outburst of COVID-19 disease has to turn out a global public health catastrophe that has a profound consequence on every aspect of human life. Currently, national governments, international health agencies, UN different bodies are working relentlessly to find the best way to save and mitigate our world from the shattering effects of COVID-19. Simultaneously, all related scientists around the planet determinedly made enormous efforts to find the COVID-19 transmission process, clinicopathological issues, diagnostics tools, and prevention policy planning and pharmacological intervention approaches. There are many problems that are not resolved regarding COVID-19, like the virus-host relations and the development and progression of the pandemic, with precise reference to the times when the current pandemic will reach its ultimate level to produce maximum damage. At this moment in time, yet we do not possess and definite and specific treatment options to fight with the COVID-19 viral infectious diseases. Currently, the majority of the scientist is involved in finding a way through drug repurposing. Up to the present time lot of medicines were identified that possess definite antiviral effects against COVID-19 but need to go a long way with well-designed study to obtain the best possible answer. After that, to this point, supportive and preventive remain as the best weapon.
Results  1-1 de 1