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11th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine (CISTM11)

Autor(es): ECDC; ECDC
LIS - Localizador de Informação em Saúde ID: LISBR1.1-23111
Resumo: This conference is intended for all who are interested in state of the art clinical practice, research, and education, in the field of travel and migration medicine. The target audience includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and students involved in primary care, occupational, migrant and public health, infectious disease, emergency and wilderness medicine. Also, it is designed to meet the needs of the travel media and industry as well as manufacturers of travel health-related products, drugs and vaccines. The biennial ISTM conferences are established as the leading venue for the practice and science of the discipline of travel medicine. As usual, educational formats will include Plenaries and Symposia, Debates, Workshops, Original Scientific Presentations, Meet the Experts, Case of the Day and abstract presentations. Satellite programs and sponsored events will also be offered.
Resultados  1-1 de 1