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Contribution of systematic RT-PCR screening for influenza during the epidemic season.

Autor(es): Martinot, M; Heller, R; Martin, A; Sagot, E; Souply, L; Mothes, A; Mohseni-Zadeh, M; de Briel, D
Fonte: Med Mal Infect;44(3): 123-7, 2014 Mar.
MEDLINE - Literatura Internacional em Ciências da Saúde PMID: 24612505
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: We assessed the systematic RT-PCR screening of patients admitted to an infectious diseases department (IDD), during the 2012-2013 influenza outbreak. METHODOLOGY: Patients admitted with cough and fever underwent a nasopharyngeal smear for RT-PCR screening. RESULTS: Ninety-eight patients were admitted in the IDD, from January 1st to February 22nd, 46 were screened; 11 male and 6 female patients (17.3%, mean age of 68 years) were positive. The diagnoses made in the emergency department, before RT-PCR screening, were most frequently lung infection and sepsis, but influenza in only 4 cases. The diagnosis of influenza led to stopping antibiotics (n=4), initiating curative (n=4) and preventive (n=4) treatments with oseltamivir, and isolating patients to prevent a hospital outbreak. CONCLUSION: Systematic RT-PCR screening allows a rapid therapeutic management and the prevention of hospital epidemic through appropriate isolation measures.
Resultados  1-1 de 1