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Pesquisa | Influenza A (H1N1)

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TECHNICAL DOCUMENT: Protocol for cohort database studies to measure influenza vaccine effectiveness in the European Union and European Economic Area Member States

Autor(es): the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Fonte: Stockholm; ECDC; July. 2009. 18 p.
Repositório Complementar ID: 237
Resumo: Influenza viruses constantly evolve, vaccines are reformulated every year. Therefore, vaccine effectiveness (VE) estimates from previous years cannot simply be used to estimate effectiveness in subsequent years.The recent occurrence of the new A(H1N1)v virus augments the importance of obtaining reliable and early vaccine effectiveness estimates for the pandemic vaccine. VE studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of the new vaccine once it is made available. In addition, VE studies may help determining if the seasonal influenza vaccination is (partially) effective in protecting against the A(H1N1)v virus.