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Practical teaching of pathophysiology to LAFFH at the IPD outpatient clinic of FMP/FASE: Historical Repor

Martins, Claudio Hansel; Sperduto, Victor Tito; Bernardo, Roberta Malher; Pires, Thaís Ferreira do Espírito Santo; Varricchio, Marcia Cristina Braga Nunes.
Int. j. high dilution res ; 21(1): 26-26, May 6, 2022.
Article in English | LILACS, HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1396560
Undergraduate students of UNIFASE/FMP, through the Academic League of Human Physiology and Pathophysiology (Liga Acadêmica de Fisiologia e FisiopatologiaHumana -LAFFH), participate in a supervised internship to outpatient at the Infectious and Parasitic DiseasesService of FMP/FASE, authorized by Clinical Direction (October 2018). Patients received conventional therapy in addition to complementary therapy with Homeopathy, for external use for cleaning skin lesions and modulating inflammatory responses, whose mechanisms of action are already described in the scientific literature and authorized by ANVISA.


Make approach of undergraduate students to Homeopathic pathophysiology.


The supervised clinical internship of LAFFH students is in two service rooms with 6 students in each, based on prior appointment due to spontaneous demand, with medical records registered by the IPD outpatient service secretary. Outpatient clinical care addresses the pathophysiology and miasms of the symptoms and signs of neglected chronic parasitic diseases prevalent in our country, identified by anamnesis and physical examination. They are correlated to biological activities in plant chemistry classes, besides official homeopathic pharmacopoeia. So, it was adopted the external use of HUD Ledum palustre 6ch for the cleansing of skin lesions with torpid evolution at IPD. Results and


Two patients with edemaand varicose ulcers were treated with the ointment offered. Edema extension which was +++/4+ to both patients diminished to +/4+ in 30 days of interval. Indeed, ulcers remained at the same shape and size, but their bases were cleaned, without purulence. Novel clinical sessions did not occur because of social distancing needed.


It has been developed a positive perception among patients and students about the action of homeopathic remedies. The practical teaching activity initiated encourages students in clinical reasoning about complementary therapeutic association with Homeopathy for patients whose evolution is below the expected prognosis with conventional therapy. Project of clinical observation will be elaborated to research ethics committee.
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