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Effect of homeopathy on soybean germination through soil and seed treatment

Souza, Mônica Filomena Assis de; Macedo, Kácio Gomes de; Pereira, David Junior de Oliveira; Barbosa, Leonardo Américo Souza; Gonçalves, Larissa Wolff; Cucco, Pedro Henrique de Souza; Cucco, Marco Antonio; Brum, Karine Bonucielli; Machado, Graciela Andreia Flis.
Int. j. high dilution res ; 21(1): 7-7, May 6, 2022.
Article in English | LILACS, HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1396590
Homeopathy is a technique approved by the MAPA for organic production systems. Experiments demonstrating the effectiveness of homeopathy in agriculture are essential.


To evaluate the effects of homeopathic treatment on soybean seed germination.


The experiment was performed in MS-Brazil. An area of 70 m² was used, divided into two comparison plots of 30 m² each. The soil of plot 1 (treated group) was treated with 5.25 kg of powdered Lithothamniummixed with 250 ml of 30% hydroalcoholic solution (HS) containing homeopathic ingredients. The soil of plot 2 (control group) was treated with thesame preparationbutwithout homeopathic ingredients. Additionally, the 400 seeds assigned toplot 1 were treated with 0,3 ml of a solution made up of 10 ml of 30% HS with homeopathic ingredients dilutedin 300 ml of water. The 400 seeds assigned toplot 2 were treated with 0.3 ml of a solutionmade up of 10 ml of HS without homeopathic ingredients diluted in 300 ml of water. The homeopathic ingredients Sulph 9C, Mag-c12C, and Calc-p 9C were used on soil and seed treatment. The selection and prescription of those ingredients followed Materia Medica instructions. The experiment was conducted using randomized design and 400 seeds per group were sown. Results and


In plot 1, anaverage of 11 seeds per m² germinated, adding up to 330 germinated seeds at a percentage of 82.5%. In plot 2, an average of 7 seeds per m² germinated, adding up to 210 germinated seeds at a percentage of 52.5%. The frequency of seed germinationin both groups was assessed by the Chi-square test to check for significant differences(p<0.05). There was a statistical difference (p<0.05) in the seed germination in the treated group (n=330) compared to the control group (n=210).


Homeopathic compounds can be used as a viable treatment for soybean germination.
Responsible library: BR926.1
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