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Cantharis dissolves calculus in the ureter of a kitten: case repor

Barbosa, Maria Luiza de Sousa; Coelho, Cidéli de Paula; von Ancken, Adalberto.
Int. j. high dilution res ; 21(2): 20-20, May 6, 2022.
Article in English | LILACS | ID: biblio-1396731
Urolithiasis is a disease thatcan occur alone or together, obstruct the urinary flow, and even progress to the animal's death. Objective:The present study is to report the dissolution of calculus in the ureter in a kitten. Methodology: a feline, SRD, male, started at 3 months old with the signs of vomiting, constipation,and hematuria, presenting leukocytosis and increased serum urea. Two abdominal ultrasounds were performed 30 days apart and the third at 3 months. Results:Inthe first ultrasound there was hydronephrosis in the right kidney and dilation of the ureter and microlithiasis in the urinary bladder. The animalhad already been treated with antibiotic therapy and did not improve. Given these characteristics, Cantharis Vesicatoria30cH was administered, there was no more hematuria and when the drug was discontinued, the symptom returned. After 30 days of startinghomeopathic treatment, we repeated the ultrasound which showed 2 kidney stones, and a urinary bladder with cystitis associated with sandy lithiasis. BerberisVulgaris30cH was then administered for 15 days, after which both drugs were discontinued and theanimal remained asymptomatic. After 3 months the ultrasound was repeated which showed 2 kidney stones, Causticum6cH was inserted for 14 days to dissolvekidney stones, thus preventing the return of the initial symptoms. Conclusion:the treatment was beneficial for the patient, who was asymptomatic after the use of Causticum.Considering the natural history of the disease in cats and the high chance of recurrence of the disease, the recommendation was to monitor the organs through an annual ultrasound examination, in addition to encouraging water intake.
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