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Análise sintomatológica de adultos com Covid-19: uma abordagem homeopática / Symptomatic analysis of adults with Covid-19: a homeopathic approach

Bastos Jr, Marco Aurélio V; Tomazzoni, Renata M. G. C; Albuquerque, Leila V. C; Dolce Filho, Rubens; Dantas, Flávio; Grelle, Luiz C. E; Longo, Joaquim D. M; Mezarobba, Naiara; Siqueira, Luiz Darcy G; Ribeiro Filho, Ariovaldo.
Rev. homeopatia (São Paulo) ; 83(3/4): 58-78, 2022. tab
Article in Portuguese | LILACS, HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1402358
The disease caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), denominated COVID-19, has spread rapidly across five continents, and has been causing serious health and socioeconomic implications for the affected countries. Although most affected individuals have mild illness, vulnerable patients can have interstitial pneumonia with serious or even fatal complications. The objective of the present qualitative and quantitative study was to collect and analyze, under a homeopathic perspective, the symptoms of COVID-19, as well as to identify the homeopathic remedies most similar to the symptomatic picture of the disease (epidemic genius method). Forty-six individuals from four Brazilian regions (Fortaleza, Campo Grande, Florianópolis and São Paulo) were interviewed by homeopathic physicians. There was a consistent pattern of symptoms between the different centers, with little difference in frequency and intensity of symptoms. The symptomatic analysis of the entire sample, with the aid of different repertoire techniques, indicated the homeopathic remedies Arsenicum album, Phosphorus and Bryonia alba as the epidemic genius for this COVID-19 epidemic. Our results may provide support information for the intervention experiments assessing the effectiveness of Homeopathy in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
Responsible library: BR926.1
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