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Estudio aleatorizado, doble ciego, sobre la eficacia del tratamiento homeopático en niños con amigdalitis recurrente / Randomized, double-blind study on the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in children with recurrent tonsillitis

Furuta, Sergio E; Weckx, Luc L. M; Figueiredo, Claudia R.
Homeopatia Méx ; (n.esp): 123-128, feb. 2023.
Article in Spanish | LILACS, HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1416733
The efficacy and safety of homeopathic treatment was investigated on children with recurrent tonsillitis justifying surgery.


Prospective, randomized,double-blind clinical trial that included 40 children between ages of 3 to 7 years old;20 children were treated with homeopathic medication and 20 children with placebo. Follow up was 4 months per child. Assessment of results was clinical by means of a standard questionnaire and clinical examination on the first and last day of treatment.Recurrent tonsillitis was defined as 5 to 7 episodes of bacterial acute tonsillitis per year.


From the group of 18 children who completed homeopathic treatment, 14 did not present any episode of acute bacterial tonsillitis; from the group of 15 children whoreceived placebo 5 patients did not present tonsillitis; this difference was statistically significant (p= 0,015). None of the patient exhibited side effects.


Homeopathic treatment was effective in children with recurrent tonsillitis compared to placebo, 14 children (78%) were no longer indicated surgery. Homeopathic treatment was not associated with adverse events.
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