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Doença policística felina tratada com homeopatia: relato de caso / Feline polycystic disease treated withhomeopathy: case report

Ciasca, Melissa Vautier; Coelho, Cidéli de Paula; Von Ancken, Adalberto do Carmo Braga.
Article in French | VETINDEX, HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1428493
The homeopathic treatment of a feline with polycystic kidney disease was evaluated, a common hereditary disease in the feline species. Because it is progressive, the prognosis depends on the stage of evolution of the chronic kidney disease, the feline response to the initial treatment and the guardian's desire to continue the treatment. The observation lasted 9 (nine) months and the evaluation of the results was performed through clinical examination and complementary tests such as ultrasound images and laboratory tests. The therapy was composed of constitutional Phosphorus 30CH and episodic Kresolum 6CH homeopathic medication associated with the introduction of diet kidney diet (adjunct dry feed). The homeopathic medicine did not cause adverse events in the animal. The results suggest that an animal with feline polycystic disease can be treated by homeopathy.(AU)
Responsible library: BR68.1
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