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Ceratodermia aquagênica: abordagem e tratamento homeopático: relato de caso / Aquagenic keratoderma: homeopathic approach and treatment: case report

Ienne, Marcelo.
São Paulo; s.n; 2023. 56 p.
Thesis in Portuguese | HomeoIndex (homeopathy) | ID: biblio-1437765
"Homeopathy" is a word of Greek origin, introduced by Hahnemann, where homóis means "similar" and pathos means "suffering, disease". Considered a therapeutic model aimed at the individual and not the disease. The clinical relevance of the disease and the therapeutic success motivated the work that reports a case of a patient with a rare skin disorder, treated with Sulfur and Petroleum. The symptoms reported by the patient were transformed into repertory language, choosing the rubrics and respecting the hierarchical laws. The repertorization process takes place digitally and with comparative analysis to the materia medica respecting the similarity processes. The success of the therapy can be observed by the positive evolution of the lesion described in the main complaint, and the rebalancing of her vital energy, improving her emotional, physical and social aspects.
Responsible library: BR926.1
Localization: MOM; MOM, I22c
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