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Avaliação do efeito da inativação por microondas e autoclave em medicamentos homeopáticos / Evaluation of the effect of inactivation by microwave and autoclave in homeopathic medicines

Pupulin, Áurea Regina Telles; Pupulin, Thiago Telles; Reis, Bruno; Bonato, Carlos Moacir.
Int. j. high dilution res ; 10(36): 226-228, september 30, 2011.
Artículo en Portugués, Inglés | LILACS-Express | ID: hom-10678


The Brazilian Pharmacopoeia defines the sterilization process as a "method" intended to remove or destroy all forms of life, animal or plant, macroscopic or microscopic, saprophytic or not, present in the product concerned, without ensuring the complete inactivation of toxins or cellular enzymes. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging between 300MHz (300x106 Hz) and 300 GHz (300x109 Hz) and wavelengths from 1 m to 1 mm[1]. They are waves that lie within the region between TV waves and the infrared region within the spectrum of electromagnetic waves. According to the Technical Standards Textbook for Homeopathic Pharmacy, glass tubes may be reused after washed with running and purified water and inactivated by autoclaving at 120oC for 30 minutes or by a dry air buffer at 180oC for 30 minutes or at 140oC for 1 hour.(AU)
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