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Avaliação preliminar sobre o perfil do ensino da Homeopatia nos cursos de Farmácia dos estados do Paraná e Santa Catarina / Preliminary Evaluation of the teaching of Homeopathy in undergraduate Pharmacy Courses in Brazilian states Paraná and Santa Catarina

Baracho, Susan Andreise Cipriano; Karen, Denez; Junior, Javier Salvador Gamarra .
Int. j. high dilution res ; 10(36): 289-291, september 30, 2011.
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS-Express | ID: hom-10680


Homeopathy and other integrative and complementary health practices were included in the Brazilian public health system (SUS) under a formal policy established by the Health Ministry in 2006 [1]. This led to an increase in the demand of homeopathic assistance, not accompanied by a corresponding increase in human and material resources [2,3,4]. On the other hand, an evaluation of market demands carried out by the Education Ministry (MEC) in 2000 led to a reform of the syllable of undergraduate pharmacy courses, which thus included formal teaching of homeopathy [2].


Homeopathy has been included in almost all pharmacy undergraduate courses in PR and SC. In most schools, credits measured as hours is adequate (minimum required= 60h). However, a wider availability of courses and teachers with better qualifications are still needed.(AU)
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