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A case of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome treated with the homeopathic therapeutic / Um caso de síndrome nefrótica idiopática tratada com terapêutica homeopática

Pinto, Luiz Figueira Pinto.
Int. j. high dilution res ; 8(26): 26-32, 2009. ilus, tab
Artículo en Inglés, Portugués | HomeoIndex (homeopatia) | ID: hom-9214
Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic clinical condition and drugs used in its treatment may result in severe side-effects. Renal transplantation or renal ablation and subsequent chronic dialysis treatment may be the only feasible way to patients. The present article reports the case of a 23-years-old white woman that presented nephrotic syndrome and was successfully treated with homeopathic medicines. Six kind of homeopathic diagnoses were made to build the clinical homeopathic picture of the patient and to determine the appropriate medicines, according to the clinical protocol used. Apis mellifica was the main medicine used to treat the diathesis sycosis. The satisfactory treatment outcome shows that the judicious homeopathic therapeutic may be a valuable resource in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.(AU)
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