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Management of eczema herpeticum in a Burn Unit.

Sohail, Muhammad; Khan, Farid Ahmad; Shami, Hussan Birkhez; Bashir, Muhammad Mustehsan.
J Pak Med Assoc ; 66(11): 1357-1361, 2016 11.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27812048


To study the clinical features, course and outcome of eczema herpeticum in burn patients.


This prospective study was conducted at the King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan, from November 2012 to October 2015, and comprised eczema herpeticum patients. Demographic and clinical features of the patients, treatment protocols and outcomes were noted. SPSS 18 was used for data analysis.


Of the 18 patients, 10(56%) were females and 8(44%) were males. The overall mean age was 29.17±8.36 years. The mean total body surface area burnt was 30.83±8.58%. Besides, 7(39%) patients had 2nd degree burns and 11(61%) had both 2nd and 3rd degree burns. There was no history of previous skin disease. Moreover, 4(22%) patients had diabetes and 6(33%) were smokers. The mean difference between the occurrence of fever and the appearance of skin lesions was 4.44±1.46 days. The overall mean temperature was 102.22±1.06 oF. The mean duration between the eruption of skin lesions and crusting of lesions was 4.38±1.26 days. Areas involved with skin lesions were trunk in 13(72%) patients, arms 12(67%), thigh 10(56%) and face in 4(22%) patients. Also, 2(11.1%) patients developed acute respiratory distress syndrome. Tzanck test showed multi-nucleated giant cell in all patients. The mean number of days since the eruption of lesions and the settling of fever was 5.56±0.73 days. The mean duration for complete healing, which occurred in 16(89%) patients, was 3.81±0.75 weeks. The overall mean follow-up period was 15±2.03 months.


Eczema herpeticum may occur in a burn patient and should never be missed as early diagnosis will lead to a better outcome.
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