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Lower limb kinematics of subjects with chronic achilles tendon injury during running.

Donoghue, Orna A; Harrison, Andrew J; Laxton, Philip; Jones, Richard K.
Res Sports Med; 16(1): 23-38, 2008.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18373287


This study examined the kinematic differences between subjects who had a history of chronic Achilles tendon (AT) injury and matched controls during running. Eleven subjects from each group ran barefoot (BF) and shod at self-selected speeds on a treadmill. Three-dimensional angles describing rearfoot and lower limb motion were calculated throughout stance. Five footfalls were obtained for each subject and condition. Pairwise comparisons revealed greater eversion, ankle dorsiflexion and less leg abduction during stance in the AT group compared with controls. Running kinematics were exaggerated in shod compared with BF conditions, as expected from previous research. The differences between conditions were more exaggerated in AT subjects compared with control subjects. Further analysis using a curve-based approach is recommended.