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[Establishment of a trauma surgical department at the Diospi Suyana missionary hospital in Curahuasi, Peru]. / Aufbau einer unfallchirurgischen Abteilung am Missionsspital Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi, Peru.

Boeker, T.
Unfallchirurg ; 120(10): 837-843, 2017 Oct.
Artículo en Alemán | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28801809
The confusingly structured and in many areas corrupt health system in Peru even today provides only a fragmentary and insufficient medical treatment especially for the indigenous population (mainly Quechua Indians). Since October 2007 the Diospi Suyana missionary hospital in Curahuasi (State of Apurímac) has provided an affordable medical treatment at a high level mainly for these indigenous people of Peru; however, so far the hospital could only insufficiently meet the traumatological needs of the region. The establishment of a surgical trauma department aims to meet those needs but is also encumbered by special problems and challenges. Some patients, for example only present at the hospital after the fractures have already incorrectly healed, sometimes many weeks or even months after the trauma either due to a long journey through the country to different hospitals where treatment was not possible or they could not pay for the treatment and sometimes because of inadequate prior treatment, for example by traditional healers. Cultural and infrastructural particularities of the country must be included in the process of choosing the right method of treatment.