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Genome Sequence of Micromonospora terminaliae TMS7T, a New Endophytic Actinobacterium Isolated from the Medicinal Plant Terminalia mucronata.

Cui, Yongtao; Lv, Yang; Song, Mengqiu; Wang, Sai; Hu, Haitao; Jahan, Noushin; Zhu, Bo; Guo, Longbiao.
Mol Plant Microbe Interact ; 33(5): 721-723, 2020 May.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32003591
Micromonospora terminaliae sp. nov., type strain TMS7T, is a gram-positive nonmotile aerobic actinobacterium that was recently isolated from a surface-sterilized stem of the medicinal plant Terminalia mucronata. This strain was described as a novel species in the Micromonospora genus. To elucidate the application potential of this species, its genome was completely sequenced, using the PacBio SMRT cell platform, and was compared with selected complete genome sequences of other Micromonospora species. Genomic analysis revealed that the genome of TMS7T consists of one circular DNA chromosome of 6,717,200 bp with a GC content of 73.35% and one plasmid of 24,912 bp with a GC content of 65.39%. The entire genome contains 6,311 predicted coding genes, 57 transfer RNAs, and nine ribosomal RNA genes. The genome contains a type III polyketide biosynthesis gene cluster, which encodes enzymes that catalyze the production of alkyl-O-dihydrogeranyl-methoxyhydroquinone. This information combined with the previous report that this strain can grow well on pH 10 medium with 4% NaCl (wt/vol) indicates that this strain may have potential biocontrol applications for economic plants cultivated on alkaline soil.