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Retrospective analysis of 2244 implants and the importance of follow- up in implantology

Sartori, Ivete Aparecida de Mattias; Latenek, Roseli Trevisan; Budel, Lucimara Aguiar; Thomé, Geninho; Bernardes, Sérgio Rocha; Tiossi, Rodrigo.
J. res. dent; 2(6): 555-565, nov.-dec2014.
Article En | LILACS, BBO | ID: biblio-1363350


A retrospective clinical analysis evaluated the clinical behavior of the prosthetic restorations, screw joint stability, peri-implant bone level and soft tissues, implant survival rate and patient satisfaction. MATERIAL AND


Data was collected from follow-up visits of 444 patients, aged from 26 to 88 years, that were rehabilitated with 2,244 implants placed between 2005 and 2010.


The implant survival rate was 99.73%, 94.78% for prosthetic screws, and 96.70% for abutment screws. Peri-implant bone levels remained stable (bone loss equal or less than 1 mm) in 96.21% of the implants. Plaque accumulation was present in 275 patients and was associated with gingival bleeding in 66 patients. Three hundred and thirty patients were satisfied, 103 were somewhat satisfied, 7 patients expected more from their restorative treatment, and 4 patients were dissatisfied.


Continuous follow-up of patients with implant restorations provides essential information on the behavior of implants and prosthetic components, enbling the early intervention in minor prosthetic complications (e.g. screw loosening) to avoid future major complications (e.g. implant failure).
: BR97.1