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Effect of clinical and laboratory techniques of cementation on the assessment of marginal and internal fit of prosthetic elements

Pinto, Carolina Chaves; Silva, Leonardo André Lins da; Licurci, Cristiana Almeida de Assis; Canabarro, Antonio.
Braz. j. oral sci ; 23: e240950, 2024. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS, BBO - odontologia (Brasil) | ID: biblio-1527011


The aim of this in vitro study was to compare machine and manual cementation of prosthetic elements by measuring internal and marginal fits.


Eighteen anatomic prefabricated abutments were used to manufacture zirconia copings in the Ceramill (n=9) and Lava systems (n=9). The copings were cemented with a fluid consistency addition silicone using a machine (n=18) and manually (n=18) according to the replica technique. They were then cut in the buccal-palatal and mesial-distal directions. The film thickness was photographed using an optical microscope and measured in the internal and marginal regions. The data collected were analyzed by repeated measures ANOVA and Bonferroni's multiple comparison test (∂=.05). The Bland-Altman test was performed to evaluate the agreement between the methods.


In the evaluation of the internal and marginal misfits, the mean values observed for the cementation performed with the aid of a machine and manually, were as follows angular regions, 76.7 µm and 76.2 µm; linear regions, 60.6 µm and 60.7 µm; incisal region, 144.8 µm and 145.2 µm; marginal region, 40.1 µm and 40.2 µm; and overall mean, 80.4 µm and 80.6 µm, respectively. No significant differences were found between the 2 methods, for any of regions and systems (P>.05). The Bland-Altman test showed agreement between the methods (P>.05) and that the limits of agreement found were clinically acceptable.


Within the limitations of this in vitro study, we can conclude that cementation using manual techniques or mechanical aid produces the same cement films
Biblioteca responsável: BR218.1