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[Lasers in dentistry. Part A--Development, characteristics, structure, principles of operation and types of lasers].

Stabholz, A; Stabholz, A; Leopold, Y; Rosenberg, Y; Moshonov, J.
Refuat Hapeh Vehashinayim (1993); 18(2): 11-23, 61, 2001 Apr.
Artigo em Hebraico | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-11494805
Laser technology is developing very quickly. New Lasers with a wide range of characteristics are available today and are being used in the various fields of dentistry. The search for new devices and technologies for dental procedures was always challenging and in the last two decades much experience and knowledge has been gained. The purpose of this series of articles published in the journal of the Israel Dental Association in three parts is to present the Israeli dentist a comprehensive and contemporary overview which will assist him in understanding the potential of the use of laser technology for clinical applications in dentistry. The first part will describe the history and development of lasers in dentistry, the characteristics and structure of lasers as well as their principles of operation. A description of the different types of lasers used today in dentistry will be presented in the first part. The second part will describe the interaction of lasers with biological tissues and their effect on the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity as well as on the dental pulp. Laser safety in the dental practice will also be discussed. The third part will focus on clinical applications of Lasers in Dentistry pits and fissures sealing, dentin desensitization, cavity preparations, composite curing, surgical procedures and tooth whitening. Current status of using lasers in periodontics, endodontics and dental implantology will be discussed and possible future clinical applications of lasers in dentistry will be presented.