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Acid-etched and erbium:yttrium aluminium garnet laser-treated enamel for fissure sealants: a comparison of microleakage.

Moshonov, J; Stabholz, A; Zyskind, D; Sharlin, E; Peretz, B.
Int J Paediatr Dent; 15(3): 205-9, 2005 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15854117


A pilot study aimed to compare the microleakage of pit and fissure sealants in acid-etched and ErbiumYttrium Aluminium Garnet (ErYAG)-treated enamel.


Forty permanent noncarious young molars and premolars, which were extracted for orthodontic reasons, were selected. The teeth were divided into four groups, with five molars and five premolars in each group. The groups were treated as follows (1) group A--laser irradiation of the enamel of the occlusal surface without contact and in scanning mode was carried out using an ErYAG laser, placement of sealant material, light curing, and thermocycling between 6 degrees and 55 degrees C; (2) group B--the same as group A, but with no thermocycling; (3) group C--acid etching of the enamel surface, placement of sealant material, light curing and thermocycling; and (4) group D--the same as group C, but with no thermocycling. After being immersed in 1% methylene blue solution, all teeth were sectioned in the mesio-distal dimension into four slices. Images of the slices were then scanned to a Macintosh G3 computer and examined for marginal leakage. Leakage was measured by the degree of dye penetration. Three independent examiners evaluated the dye penetration.


No penetration of dye material was observed in any of the slices in any of the four groups by any of the examiners.


No difference in microleakage was seen between lasing or acid etching, and therefore, the results of the present study would suggest that the technique may be efficacious.