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Six-month clinical evaluation of XP BOND in noncarious cervical lesions.

Blunck, Uwe; Knitter, Katharina; Jahn, Klaus-Roland.
J Adhes Dent; 9 Suppl 2: 265-8, 2007.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18340984


To evaluate the 6-month clinical performance of the etch-and-rinse one-bottle adhesive system XP BOND, used in combination with the composite resin Ceram X duo for the restoration of Class V noncarious cervical lesions (NCCL). MATERIALS AND


XP BOND was tested in a total of 40 patients who received two Class V Ceram X duo restorations, Adper Scotchbond 1 XT was used as a control. After cleaning the teeth, the surface of the NCCL was treated using a carbide bur in dentin and a 40-microm diamond bur in enamel with no retentive preparations. The lesions were filled with two increments of Ceram X duo after the application of the respective adhesive by a single operator according to manufacturer's instructions. After 6 months, the retention and the marginal integrity were evaluated.


Thirty-eight of 40 patients were evaluated after 6 months by two clinicians according to modified USPHS criteria, and all restorations using XP BOND were still in place. In the control group (using Adper Scotchbond 1XT), one restoration was lost. The statistical evaluation (chi2 test) showed no significant differences in any of the criteria. No difference of marginal integrity was found between the two adhesive systems.


XP BOND meets the ADA success criteria after 6 months.