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The relationship between wave and geometrical optics models of coded aperture type x-ray phase contrast imaging systems.

Munro, Peter R T; Ignatyev, Konstantin; Speller, Robert D; Olivo, Alessandro.
Opt Express; 18(5): 4103-17, 2010 Mar 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20389424
X-ray phase contrast imaging is a very promising technique which may lead to significant advancements in medical imaging. One of the impediments to the clinical implementation of the technique is the general requirement to have an x-ray source of high coherence. The radiation physics group at UCL is currently developing an x-ray phase contrast imaging technique which works with laboratory x-ray sources. Validation of the system requires extensive modelling of relatively large samples of tissue. To aid this, we have undertaken a study of when geometrical optics may be employed to model the system in order to avoid the need to perform a computationally expensive wave optics calculation. In this paper, we derive the relationship between the geometrical and wave optics model for our system imaging an infinite cylinder. From this model we are able to draw conclusions regarding the general applicability of the geometrical optics approximation.